Playlists obviously play a significant role in the discovery aspect of YouTube Music, and Google is currently testing a significant UI makeover for them on mobile.

The playlist’s creator and the date of its most recent modification are mentioned in the first two lines. (Today, you only receive the year.) Following the highlighted artist image and vertical text is the cover art, with the circular YouTube Music logo in the top-left corner.

The description and the playlist’s name appear next in a larger letter size. Download, Add to Library, Play, Share, and Overflow Menu buttons all appear on a single line and are enclosed in circles. Previously, Cast and search were at the top-right corner, and Share was below them (which are unchanged today). The cover image’s blurred background is used in this top section as well.

Notably, there is no button for song shuffle, and the list of tracks remains static. It’s odd that Google doesn’t mention how many songs are currently in the collection.

YouTube Music playlist redesign
YouTube Music playlist redesign

Only one (French) user has so far had this updated YouTube Music tablet playlist (Galaxy Tab A7). They claimed that only playlists and not albums display it. It’s unclear whether this is just a result of early testing or if the new design is exclusive to playlists. Given that they are similar right now, it makes sense for both perspectives to have the same visual upgrade.

Update 5/9: This revision of also applies includes playlists created by users or the community. An edit button is there in place of the add to library and shuffle over play buttons, and your YouTube profile name appears at the top. The second option is more logical because you can simply begin by tapping the first song on the playlist.

On a few of the devices we examined this morning, we have yet to see it. The playlist cover image is given more attention in this YouTube Music revamp, albeit putting all the options on one line could be a tiny bit more practical. The former appearance was beginning to show its age.

Along with the splash of background color from the previous week, the new Mixed for you cover art, the new smart downloads icon, and the updated Add to playlist page from February, this is the latest update to the YouTube Music UI.

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