Yesterday saw the launch of Android 13 stable. While this version does include some new functionality, its primary focus is on improving the Android interface. The major upgrade that last year brought about changes was Android 12. In spite of this, Android 13 fixes over 100 problems on Pixel phones.

Actually, Android 13 fixes well over 100 bugs on Pixel phones. To be more precise, this update contains 150 or so bug fixes. While some of these bug fixes are rather trivial, others are actually quite significant. Nevertheless, it’s always encouraging to see bug improvements, especially in light of how glitchy some Pixel phones were.

We can’t really talk about all of these issue fixes due to their sheer number. A comprehensive list by clicking here is available, however we’ll only spotlight a few of them here.

Advertisement The performance of the fingerprint scanner is the first enhancement worth mentioning. The fact that the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a don’t provide the finest fingerprint scanner experience is not exactly a secret.

A FEW CHANGELOG ENTRIES CONCERN THE PERFORMANCE OF THE FINGERPRINT SCANNER Google is working to fix that, though. Actually, there are a number of entries from the firm regarding the fingerprint scanner in the changelog. It resolved the problem where it would abruptly cease functioning on the aforementioned phones.

Additionally, it reduced the latency and response time of the fingerprint haptics. There are additional improvements for unlocking in various lighting settings and general fingerprint performance. Even general usability enhancements for fingerprint enrolment were noted by the company. If any of these do work to significantly enhance fingerprint scanner performance, that remains to be seen.

Advertisement Additionally, the business enhanced the way all three phones handled thermal mitigation in particular circumstances. Both wireless charging and idle power consumption for a handful of Pixel phones have improved.

Both the screen flickering and the app installation problems that some users had have been fixed. Some Android Auto-related bugs were resolved, as were GPS accuracy and stability.

But we’re just beginning to scrape the surface. Google made a significant effort to address many of the bugs that consumers had been reporting.


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