The solution to the Wordle puzzle from today (#412 for August 5, 2022) is flawed. The most of the criteria were addressed in the first section, although you might also argue that an environment is bug-ridden if it is overrun with bugs. Merriam-Webster claims that the word’s origin is unknown, which is unfortunate because we’ve loved the little etymology lessons we’ve learned from each Wordle answer.

Today, it took us five tries to figure out the puzzle, albeit with a little bit more luck, we might have only needed three. We chose pouty as our starter word instead of the WordleBot’s preferred starter word, crane, and it paid off because we would have gotten all-grey tiles with the word crane. We had two letters in the right place by the time we made our second guess (we chose “muddy”), but we still tried the words burly and bunny before figuring it out on our fifth attempt.


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