Since the coronavirus outbreak started in April 2020, Dataherald’s statistics published for SlashGear reveal that T-stores Mobile’s have had substantially higher foot traffic than Verizon’s. The difference was the biggest in April 2022, when Verizon’s stores saw more than twice as many visitors as T-did. Mobile’s In September 2019, T-Mobile stores saw slightly more than 17,000 weekly visitation, while Verizon’s saw more than 31,000. T-stats Mobile’s also succeeded in surpassing Verizon’s 2019 peak, despite a general fall in foot traffic since the 2020 pandemic.

Additionally, September wasn’t an anomaly. Prior to the epidemic, foot traffic at Verizon stores was consistently higher. However, when lockdowns were introduced in April 2020, everything changed. When it comes to physical store visits, both brands experienced a sharp decline, albeit T-Mobile was able to hang onto more than 5,000 weekly customers while Verizon fell below that mark. Strangely, T-Mobile closed a bigger percentage of its stores during the epidemic than did Verizon, despite having more customers. T-Mobile reportedly closed 80% of its corporate-owned stores during the pandemic, while Verizon allegedly closed 70% of its stores, according to Fierce Wireless and Light Reading .

Since assuming the lead, T-Mobile has seen a 10,000-person weekly advantage over Verizon in foot traffic. Each company’s foot traffic has experienced consistent peaks and valleys for both brands. As things continue to get back to normal after the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, T-Mobile and Verizon have both reported an uptick in foot traffic over the previous year. The company’s footfall domination isn’t the only triumph this year for T-Mobile. The business declared in February that it has increased the reach of its 5G hyper capacity service to up to 200 million customers.


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