Android 13 has recently begun to be released, as some of you are aware. Well, it appeared that some Pixel users received an Android 12 upgrade rather than an Android 13 update. Google offered an explanation soon after similar claims began to circulate. Google purposefully released yet another Android 12 upgrade, so this did not occur by chance.

A SECOND Android 12 update was released by Google on purpose, not by mistake. According to Google, some phones were using an outdated version of the software. Before they could update to Android 13, such phones actually need a lesser Android 12 update. The business also stated that Android 13 would be released within the next few weeks. Therefore, you might not immediately receive it on your Pixel phone.

Google is aware of the confusion’s causes, though. That minor Android 12 upgrade did not come at the best time, no doubt about it. Confusion resulted with some people starting to receive it after Android 13 started to roll out.

Advertisement Now, Pixel phones are receiving the Android 13 stable build. Google only began the distribution a couple of days ago. The Pixel 4, 5, and 6 series devices are receiving the update. All others are not eligible; only those under 18 are.

It’s likely that other OEMs will soon begin updating their phones as well. Naturally, some of them are speedier than others. Samsung is anticipated to start releasing upgrades soon.

A TON OF BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS, AS WELL AS SOME NEW FEATURES, ARE INCLUDED IN ANDROID 13. What has Android 13 added, then? Android 13 isn’t, in fact, a significant upgrade to the Android OS. With numerous optimizations, it is more of an iterative update. With this version, Google fixed about 150 problems in total.

Advertisement In addition to many bug fixes, it also includes some brand-new features and enhancements. An improved Material You theming engine is being provided by the corporation. With Android 13, there are a ton more color options available.

The upgrade also adds new notification permissions and the so-called Phantom Process Killer. The upgrade also includes a revamped clipboard and a new and improved media player.

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