At the beginning of this month, we noticed that the Nest Hub was integrating Google Fit and Fitbit more deeply to allow you to view step count and other activity metrics. Now, certain users can connect either service to Assistant settings.

In contrast to the start of this month , you can connect Google Fit and/or Fitbit by going to Assistant settings andgt; Wellness andgt; Activity. Update: Since this hasn’t yet been extensively implemented, most people only see Calm.

You will be sent to your Fitbit account to grant access to your heart rate, activity, and exercise data after being informed about how Assistant will use your activity data. Google offers three types of services:

Allow Assistant to access your steps, length, pace, calories burned, Move Minutes, and Heart Points during workouts. Distance: Permit Assistant to see how far you are from activities that are being recorded using your location. Allow Assistant to access your heart rate information. While both Fitbit and Google Fit can be connected at once, under the Assistant settings, only one can be active at once.

However, as of this morning, the actual Nest Hub (2nd generation or Hub Max) or Assistant integration (on phones) is still not live after connecting.

According to the setup instructions, you should be able to ask and receive responses to queries about your activities on all of your Google Assistant-enabled devices. Additionally, without your intervention, Assistant will display these information, suggestions, and associated items.

The latter implies that the Nest Hub homescreen will feature health/activity cards, similar to what is offered for sleep on the Nest Hub’s second generation. Results in personal and proactive health/fitness must be enabled. Regarding privacy, Google explains:

This information also aids in problem-solving and enhancing your Assistant’s health and fitness capabilities. Google will remove your audio query when your Assistant successfully carries out your request to modify, display, or respond to inquiries regarding this data. To debug, create, and enhance Assistant services, we use the text from your request and other usage data that is saved.

At this point, a launch is probably coming sooner rather than later.

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