People can already watch engaging stuff on YouTube. However, it seems that the business intends to go even further with that. The Wall Street Journal reported (via Android Central ) that YouTube could create its own store where users could subscribe to and manage their subscription services.

The Online Store will serve as a central location where customers can explore and purchase subscriptions to various video streaming providers. You may oversee all of your services from one location in this manner. It will be simpler to access those services as a result. It may genuinely provide you with carefully crafted recommendations for things to watch (because what business wouldn’t?).

Despite the fact that most people are unaware of this, the corporation has reportedly been working on the store for about two years. Since production began roughly 18 months ago, the business may have been working on this since February 2020.

Advertisement There is no information on the launch date, although it is anticipated to be rather soon. According to sources, this internet shop intends to open some time in the fall. Given that the start of the fall season is next month, that is not too far off.

HOW WILL THE PURCHASING OF SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES ON YOUTUBE WORK? Free doesn’t exist in the world of business. There must be a financial exchange of some kind. As a result, the streaming services that will be offered on the YouTube platform will give the business a cut of their earnings.

In exchange, the YouTube shop will give customers another place to purchase subscriptions. Evidently, this will result in more people signing up for those services. Storefronts like this are motivated by such mindset. This is the reason why businesses like Apple and Amazon offer similar services.

Advertisement What services will be advertised on this storefront is unknown at this time. The typical suspects are companies like Netflix, Disney, and so on. We can anticipate the addition of newer, more niche streaming providers like Paramout. We’ll just have to wait till this store’s opening to learn more.


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