Today’s college students have an unheard-of amount of writing to do. You you not trust me? The average word count per essay has increased by ten times over the past 100 years, according to Andrea and Karen Lunsford’s longitudinal study of student writing at American institutions. In 1917, teachers mandated that essays be no longer than 162 words. Now, even the essay portion of an exam requires at least 350, never mind an independent work!

Of course, we must take into account the fact that in the past, those poor folks would have been required to scrawl those things on paper with ink and fountain pens, with no chance for error and no backspace. The load grew significantly, even after taking into account how easily the material now flows from your imaginative mind onto the screen. You still have all the original thoughts, and the language to express them, after all.

It’s understandable that stressed-out students started looking for affordable homework help, if only to free up some time to study for examinations and in-person testing.

Advertisement This article will provide you a summary of the possibilities available to struggling students in 2022 and some advice on how to pick the tools that are best suited to your writing requirements.

A REPUTABLE WEBSITE CALLED PAPERHELP WILL WRITE AN ESSAY FOR YOU IMMEDIATELY. Your best option is a custom writing service, or, to put it simply, a website that creates your essay for you on demand, if you require urgent assistance and don’t have time to waste. There, you can talk about anything you need off the top of your head, like Write my paper on Tuesday’s American history. Among this large group, there is a certain leader, and its name is PaperHelp.

Even hours before the deadline, the website accepts urgent orders and provides top-notch papers on time. They have a sterling reputation, accommodating customer service, a money-back guarantee, a loyalty program, and everything else. I must add mention how thoroughly they verify essays for plagiarism, so you can be sure the paper you receive is original.

Advertisement Due to the delicate nature of the transaction, complete anonymity and data protection are required, and PaperHelp excels at providing both.

Being an Android enthusiast, you must immediately be opening Play Store and searching for the app to download and test, but unfortunately, this is where the disappointment begins as the aforementioned app is more of an informational tool. You must go to the website to complete the transaction. Even so, it functions flawlessly and is incredibly mobile-friendly.

THE BEST FREE ESSAY WEBSITE IS WOWESSAYS WowEssays is the next best thing if you require a more economical choice. Along with creating essays as needed, they also offer a library of unrestricted free essay samples that you can read to become familiar with various writing styles, academic paper formats, citation styles, and themes. Additionally, they provide a sizable collection of online editing tools designed especially for students, like grammar and spellcheckers, character counters, essay topic generators, etc. All of this is totally free! Even with all of this assistance, you will still need to compose your essay on your own.

Advertisement However, if you need a customized essay sample, they can also provide that for you on a very high level, but it’s a premium service. Using their ID number, you can employ one of their staff writers. Alternately, you may just select a writer category, specify the discipline, and they will assign you an free essay writer who is prepared to accept your order right now and has the necessary credentials to deliver your paper.

WowEssays is covered by the same privacy, security, usability, customer service, and guarantee policies as mentioned above. For all the other participants in the market, this recognized service sets a high standard.

ADDITIONAL WEBSITES, APPS, AND TOOLS FOR ONLINE ESSAYS Okay, let’s move on to more writing tools that will meet all of your academic needs and are each distinctive in their own ways.

Advertisement GRAPHIC ESSAY APPS It’s not supported to order an essay example directly from a mobile app, as I said before in my post on PaperHelp. The cause of this is due to stringent Google Play standards that slam an app down like a ton of bricks if it’s thought to be encouraging academic dishonesty. In plain English, the program has been prohibited because some users may use it to cheat.

Given the circumstances, the majority of essay apps you will see in the search results will be fake and act as links to their namesake websites. To evaluate the caliber and dependability of services offered via the internet, you need rely on your own experience and research abilities. Here are some general guidelines for a quick evaluation:

check to see if they ask for any personal information (legal name, security number, etc.) They can’t ask for any academic information that could identify you, like your school ID. edu email, school name, name of the professor, year of graduation, etc.) They should provide assurances of prompt delivery. They ought to have strict money-back guarantees. They ought to distinguish between various academic levels (separate categories for high school, undergrad, postgrad, etc. assignments) I suggest reading this guide if you’d like to learn more about this subject.

Advertisement WORD PROCESSORS AND EDITING APPS Many well-known solutions are available in this category, including Grammarly, the Hemingway App, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. For a novice or ESL author, Grammarly and Hemingway are more beneficial. They keep an eye on the text’s overall style, look for words with similar sounds that might have been accidentally used out of context, recommend synonyms for clichéd and worn-out statements, flag overly wordy passages, and so on. These apps typically offer a free, basic version for everyone and a paid version that gives users access to more features. They are ideal for pupils who actively practice their essay writing and writing style.

Apps for taking notes and managing projects These are intended for seasoned authors, professional writers, academics who are actively publishing, and bloggers. The more well-known brands are Scrivener, iA Writer, Reedsy, and Evernote. These apps typically support cloud storage, multi-device syncing, and numerous web, MacOS, Windows, and Android app versions.

Some of these professional products do offer a free ride with some restrictions, even if the complete functionality is typically only accessible through a paid subscription. However, more casual users who wish to keep up with big projects won’t typically be hindered by those restrictions. As a result, you might want to look at one of them if you’re a student trying to put together a thesis or coursework.

Advertisement As you can see, there is a significant selection of writing software and online tools. From a service that creates articles for you to a cross-platform book builder, everybody can choose something for themselves. However, be cautious that the tools you employ support the growth of your creativity and skills rather than inhibiting and limiting them.


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