has succeeded in becoming one of the most widely used Android launchers. Numerous people were drawn to it by its innovative approach, and regular upgrades with alluring features only serve to keep them interested.

Update to the Niagara Launcher Takes Icon-Thiming to a Whole New Level If you’re among those who enjoy Niagara Launcher or are prepared to give it a try, good news! A new update is now available. This one is perfect for those of you who enjoy fiddling with your setups. It significantly enhances icon-theming.

First and foremost, be aware that the beta channel was the first to receive this update. But as usual, the business assured customers that a stable release will be available in a few weeks.

Advertisement The Niagara Launcher icon theming update 3 is available here:

Niagara Launcher icon theming update 3


Icon packs are supported by Niagara Launcher, but with this upgrade, theming is much simpler. The so-called Icon Assistant, which the business announced, is designed to accomplish three things.

Quick-Edit is the first. You will be given alternative icon options by Icon Assistant. These recommendations will include icons from apps that are comparable to your own or alternative icons from the icon pack you’re currently using.

Niagara Launcher icon theming update 4″ alt=”Ad

Niagara Launcher icon theming update 4


The second feature is called Auto-Replace. Although that one is not currently accessible, it will be shortly. Icon Assistant will pick your brain. If you discover a superior alternative to the Icon Assistant, it will be taken into account when proposing icons to other users.

Niagara Launcher icon theming update,

Niagara Launcher icon theming update 5

” alt=”5″>
Advertisement The business claims that it wants to make Icon Assistant extremely intelligent so you won’t have to manually select icons.

Auto-Restore is the third pillar of the Icon Assistant function. When you move to a new icon pack, Icon Assistant will keep track of your selected icons. so that, if you choose, you can go back to your initial configuration.

Icons can now be individually edited. Icon Assistant is not, by any means, the sole change in this release. Icons can now be changed separately. The icon selection screen has also been updated by the company. It won’t organize icons into the categories that your icon pack provides.

Advertisement Additionally, the business discussed something called Dynamic Icons. All program icons, including those that were applied individually, can now respond to changes thanks to this update. For instance, if the wallpaper changes and the icon pack allows it, they can change their color.

However, this is not all. Many adjustments and fixes were also published in the Niagara Launchers Medium post, in addition to these new features and modifications. If you’re interested, click here read more about them.



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