The Touch ID button and FaceTime front camera’s true placements aren’t shown in the iPad 10’s leaked schematics, claims the Japanese Apple fan blog MacOtakara . Given the size of the bezels in the diagram, it was assumed that they would be in the same places as on earlier iPads. However, because the schematics are only intended for accessory producers and exclude those two crucial details, the website provides an alternative interpretation.

These sources claim that the Touch ID sensor may actually be merged into the top button in a manner akin to the 6th generation iPad Mini and 5th generation iPad Air. What’s more intriguing, though, is the rumor that the FaceTime camera will be moved from its customary top position to the tablet’s side. The iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini’s front-facing cameras are currently placed so that they may be used in portrait mode. The iPad 10 would be created with a side-facing camera and be able to only be used in landscape mode. The cameras are still located at the top of the screen on even the iPad Pro.

The 10th generation iPad might very likely have smaller bezels than any of its predecessors if Touch ID is moved to the top button. This would put it on par with the iPad Air in terms of design. If this is the case, the internal hardware of these two versions will largely determine their differences, with the iPad 10 having lower-end or older specifications. Nevertheless, it’s all still just conjecture at this point, but it would be an intriguing step for Apple.


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