One of the first to make the wireless charging coil found behind the rear of Galaxy phones available for accessory charging was Samsung. Smartwatches and even wireless earbud covers can be charged using reverse wireless charging, also known as Wireless PowerShare by Samsung. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is unable to touch the other device, which is the only strict need for these two gadgets to touch.

As SamMobile notes, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s redesigned strap design keeps it elevated and prevents it from ever touching the back of a phone. Although it doesn’t affect the smartwatch’s official charger, it may prevent it from working with other wireless chargers made by third parties that require the wearable to lay flat. Fortunately, the Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t have this issue because it continues to employ the traditional design that Samsung has been using for years.

Although it might be argued that not many people use the Wireless PowerShare feature, it is still puzzling that Samsung would build a design that prevents such a crucial feature that is only going to become more widespread. However, it could also pose a serious issue for individuals who already own wireless chargers that are compatible with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Despite this, it might still be a unique circumstance, and the majority of people will probably overlook this inconvenience in favor of the smartwatch’s promised 80-hour battery life.


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