The TW-E7B true wireless (TWS) earbuds from Yamaha have been made available in the US. The business believes that the new earbuds, which were unveiled in June of this year, would bring listeners closer to the artist because of their many fascinating audio capabilities.

TW-E7B FEATURES OF YAMAHA To begin with, Yamaha’s exclusive active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is present in the TW-E7B TWS earbuds. The company claims that its sophisticated ANC technology eliminates background noise without degrading audio quality. Traditional ANC frequently weakens the audio by processing it needlessly to remove noise.

Tones are balanced in audio to produce astounding realism, detail, and clarity thanks to Yamaha’s True Sound technology. You also have a Listening Optimizer feature, which tailors audio output to the contours of your ear canal. An inbuilt microphone constantly checks to see how the shape of your ears influences the sound and makes adjustments.

Advertisement High-performance MEMS microphones are another component of these wearables that provide great voice call audio. With Ambient Sound, you can keep listening to background noise without taking off your earbuds. When you want to talk to someone or are in a public setting, this feature is helpful. If you take out one bud from your ear, the music will instantly stop thanks to in-ear detection. Music will resume once the bud is changed.

Additionally, the Yamaha TW-E7B TWS earbuds feature the company’s exclusive Listening Care technology. To safeguard your hearing, it balances risky high and low auditory frequencies. Gaming Mode, Role Swap, TrueWireless Mirroring, and Custom EQ via the associated smartphone app are other noteworthy features.

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Advertisement Details, cost, and availability The Yamaha TW-large E7B’s 10mm dynamic drivers provide incredibly musical low-frequency reproduction, according to the specifications. With ANC activated, the company guarantees up to 22 hours of continuous playback time on a single charge. The earbuds’ battery life is approximately six hours, and the charging case can add another 16 hours of playtime. Fast charging allows for an hour of fun after just 10 minutes of charging. While the case takes three hours to fully recharge, the earbuds only need two.

Other notable features include voice control for Siri and Google Assistant, Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 water resistance, and support for all of the main audio codecs. Each bud is 7.3 grams in weight.

The TW-E7B is available from Yamaha for $280. The new TWS earbuds are now sold by the company’s official website in the hues Beige, Dark Blue, Black, and White. The earbuds, charging case, eartips in five sizes, and a USB power cable are all included in the retail box.


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