Given that the business just disclosed that some Q4 reservations may be arriving early, Valves Steam Deck is advancing towards consumers at an increasingly rapid rate. Valve has been reportedly working nonstop to get their portable gaming PC into consumers’ hands. Additionally, the Steam Deck is being produced quicker than ever in what is at least Valves third or fourth production ramp up. Users may wish to keep an eye on their emails, the business warns in a message on the official Steam Deck twitter page.

Considering the possibility that you were bumped. Not removed from the list, no. Instead, it’s possible that your reservation was upgraded. The Steam Deck wouldn’t have been shipping Q4 reservations until at least October. Additionally, shipments would continue until the year’s conclusion.

However, Valve is rapidly exhausting reservations since it is producing these devices at an ever-increasing rate.

Advertisement A FEW Q4 STEAM DECK RESERVATIONS MAY SHIP BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER Some reservation holders who may have been in the Q4 window are reportedly now in the Q3 window, according to Valve. Therefore, your Steam Deck might arrive at your door before the end of the next month. But it’s crucial to manage your expectations. Not all Q4 reservations have been moved to the Q3 timeframe, according to Valve. And a sizable portion of individuals will undoubtedly wait until sometime in Q4 to receive their Decks.

Nevertheless, August is nearly over and September has exactly 31 days left. In order to acquire the Steam Deck for the duration of next month, keep an eye on your inbox if you were previously in the October to December timeframe.

Additionally, Q4 Steam Deckers will finally be moved up to Q3, which will move the remaining Q4 individuals up to earlier in Q4. People who weren’t scheduled to receive one until 2023 may now receive one in Q4. As a result, everything is moving along more quickly, which benefits both Valve and individuals who have reservations.

Advertisement good news More Steam Decks than ever are being produced, and we have updated shipment window projections for reservation holders. Take a look; if you were previously in the Q4 (Oct-Dec) window, you might suddenly be in Q3!

(@OnDeck) Steam Deck August 24, 2022


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