Next month, Samsung might start selling smartphones again in Russia. According to Reuters reports , the company intends to begin delivering gadgets to Russian merchants in October, citing the local newspaper Izvestia. The Korean company will apparently reopen its online store in the nation, albeit we don’t yet know the exact date. A source close to the leading smartphone manufacturer in the world disclosed the information.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in March of this year, Samsung ceased business operations there, attributing the decision to recent geopolitical developments. After the European Union and the US established different trade sanctions against Russia, which made it challenging to carry goods to the largest country by area in the world, the decision was made. The Korean company was one of many that stopped doing business in Russia.

After six months, it appears Samsung is prepared to resume shipments of smartphones to Russia. The business stated that nothing has been determined yet and that no official announcement has been made about it. However, the nation would eagerly welcome the return of smartphone sales. After all, one of its largest international customers is Russia. With nearly 30% of the market, Samsung was the biggest smartphone provider in the nation in Q4 2021.

Advertisement Along with cellphones, Samsung had stopped sending consumer gadgets and semiconductor chips to Russia in March. In addition, it stopped producing TVs at its facility in the western Russian city of Kaluga and donated $6 million to aiding those in need in the conflict-torn Ukraine. It’s unclear if the Korean giant would resume complete business operations in Russia starting next month or if it will first solely sell cellphones. If the report is accurate, information should become more evident soon.

RUSSIA NOW PERMITS SMARTPHONE PARALLEL IMPORT The Russian government devised a parallel import plan soon after foreign corporations abandoned Russia, depriving the nation and its people of the newest technological advancements. It permits merchants to bring in products from abroad, including smartphones, without the trademark owner’s permission. Of course, there may be additional fees. But even if the maker isn’t selling the products there, Russians who want the newest models can still purchase them.

This plan appears to offer little assistance to producers, though. Samsung is planning to continue smartphone sales in Russia even during times of conflict because of this. It will now be interesting to watch if more businesses decide to follow suit and start operating again in the nation.


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