When it first debuted in the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go was a global phenomenon. Although it recently celebrated its sixth birthday, the app is still quite well-liked by users. Over the course of its existence, Pokemon Go generated more than $4.5 billion in revenue.

All of us are accustomed to free mobile games making enormous sums of money. Ad sales, loot boxes, or gacha pulls are the three main ways to finance this. Games like Genshin Impact are excellent illustrations of highly successful mobile games; according to Sensor Tower, Genshin generates an average of $6 million per day.

When it first came out, Pokemon Go was a huge success. In addition to being well-liked, it also influenced culture somewhat. People were moving to all sorts of various places, moving outside more, and brandishing the colors they had chosen for their characters. Because of how well-liked the game was, the market for portable chargers benefited.

Advertisement Due to its continued popularity, Pokemon Go has generated $4.5 billion in lifetime revenue. Pokemon Go is one of several older apps that continue to dominate the top charts in the app stores. Pokemon Go is currently the fifth-most downloaded strategy game on the Apple App Store and the 11th-highest grossing game on the Google Play Store.

Since its launch, Pokemon Go has generated more than $4.5 billion in revenue, claims Safe Betting Sites . Definitely the most well-liked game produced by the firm. Before that, not many people were familiar with Niantic. Ingress was created by the same business more than five years ago, but it wasn’t as well-liked.

Recently, the game’s Season of Light event gave players access to a variety of goodies. More Clefairies and psychic Pokemon were included in this. That undoubtedly increased the game’s income. You can guarantee that the money made from Pokemon Go is assisting Niantic as it navigates its current financial difficulties.


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