Amazon launched Astro at the same services and devices event last year. a tiny robot that will stick with you inside the house. Ring intends to replace security personnel at businesses with that robot in the future. According to Ring, “having on-site patrol is important for some firms but it’s also expensive.” It therefore thinks Astro can assist with that.

Therefore, Ring is integrating Astro with its current Virtual Security Guard functionalities. When your Ring Alarm is in away mode, this adds camera motion event tracking from Rapid Response to your enrolled cameras. Now, an agent will check the motion event when motion is triggered and take the necessary action. Agents have the ability to seek emergency dispatch or employ two-way communication to assist thwart undesirable activities. According to Ring, Virtual Security Guard is currently accessible in early access and will be made more generally available in the upcoming months.

RING ALSO SEEKS TO UPGRADE THE CURRENT CAMERA SYSTEM IN BUSINESSES. Many companies already have cameras installed all throughout their premises to keep an eye on things. However, there isn’t really a simple way to view feeds when on the road. Therefore, Ring declared that it had expanded the Ring app’s support for ONVIF-compliant cameras. This streamlines control in one location and makes it easier to access feeds.

Advertisement You can obtain all the useful features Ring has without spending money on new cameras if you have supported ONVIF-compatible cameras, a Ring Alarm Pro base station, a suitable Ring Protect Pro subscription, and enrollment in Professional Monitoring. For even more functionality, these ONVIF-compatible cameras will also be able to integrate with the Virtual Security Guard.

All of this is a part of Ring’s effort to better customize its offerings to the demands of businesses. Therefore, you may defend your business without spending a lot of money on an old camera system, whether you run a grocery store, salon, or auto dealership.


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