Though it is.

We’re also here to dispel this myth and demonstrate just how remarkable this content management system is by sharing with you some of the most well-known dynamic websites that use WordPress.

This is how we should start.

STAR WARS: THE OFFICIAL BLOG Films should not be excluded from the topic of pop icons. Especially the films that keep youngsters confined to their seats for over 12 hours during a Star Wars marathon!

Once you start scrolling the webpages, you won’t be able to stop and resume your work or whatever else you were doing.

The Disney doubleclick module, Panopress, WP jQuery Lightbox, W3 Total Cache, WPML modules, and WordPress SEO by YOAST, along with the Star Wars custom topic (variant 2.8.1), create a heaven for a tomfoolery site brimming with the most recent news, related games, best episodes, and applications, as well as a vast local area segment where you can learn about many insane things that star wars has to offer you.

TECHCRUNCH It is a moderately effective website built on WordPress that includes the world’s leading innovation blog.

In order to keep this site as simple and lucid as possible, the main emphasis during creation was placed on speed and flawless execution rather than style.

Another fantastic example of a well-known WordPress site is Tech Crunch, which covers news, inventive developments, emerging tech trends, new businesses, and new products. In fact, AOL bought it in 2010 for $25 million, demonstrating to the online world how valuable it was.

The website employs the TechCrunch 2017 custom theme and some of the most well-liked modules available today, such as WordPress Importer, Akismet, Jetpack, and others, to deliver the most recent information and events from the world of innovation.

VH1 NEWS MTV is the king of music TV, and nothing even comes close! Additionally, the MTV news website is a highly effective WordPress site over time.

You will gain access to information about fresh new collection deliveries and grant function results, singles that are about to emerge, and gleaming new celeb gossip thanks to the clever foundation of the W3 Total Cache, MTV custom subject, and Jquery modules, sliders, and mosaic perspectives on the scattered pictures of celebrities. Hey, how can you not be interested in the 85th time Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have reportedly renewed their romance only to have it end again?

This hot mess is compressed into a quick-handling, vibrant website with tons of fantastic credits to create an engaging user experience.

CITY OF NEW YORK TIMES The New York Times is the center of everything that happens on the planet, much like New York City is the focal point of the world.

The New York Times covers every topic on its incredibly popular WordPress site, from spreading the word about political difficulties to the edgiest distributions and craftsmanship presentations, or any science to fashion news.

The New York Times website gives the appearance that you are reading a real newspaper because it has a simple white background, the nytco custom subject created by the NYTimes enhancement group, Contact Form 7, WordPress SEO by Yoast, and WordPress Importer modules.

To make the website as reminiscent of a vintage newspaper as possible, even the textual styles and the mosaic perspective on the articles on the page have been changed.

WALT DISNEY CORPORATION The website of the Disney Company recreates the mystical fantasy that is Disney World on a web-based stage. It is Fun like the Mickey Mouse clubhouse, as quick as Aladdin on his rug, pretty like Cinderella, direct like Mulan, and basic like Lilo.

Whether you preferred the small, lavish Disney Princesses, the crazy Peter Pan, or the adorable Simba, you probably fell in love with a Disney creation at some point in your life and wished you could live your life as one of those characters.

Additionally, despite Belle and the Beast’s seeming decline, Disney never stops inspiring and astonishing its audience. By visiting this website, you may learn about the most recent or any returning characters, the company’s altruistic goals, and much more.

TWDC custom subject from Disney Interactive is the subject responsible for this wonderful website.

AROUND THE STONES If you had known in 1973 the amazing things the Rolling Stones would accomplish, Angie, Angie, you most likely would have held Mick Jagger’s hand and never let him whisper in your ear that it was time to say goodbye.

The traditional rockers today run one of the most incredible WordPress websites in the history of rock culture, even as Adam Levine admits to having thoughts of walking like Mick Jagger.

On the mellow and user-friendly website of the legendary, you can find all the music, news, event information, the official Rolling Stones store, and many other things.

Journal on Etsy Etsy Journal comes first on our list of well-known WordPress-powered websites. It is the blog for renowned online marketplace Etsy. This is where you may find unique, handmade, and creative gifts for loved ones. It aims to bring together a group of nearby business owners so they may promote and market their expertise. The Etsy Journal furthers this association by providing individuals—both sellers and buyers—with a place to delve further into making, discuss their thoughts, and advance.

Windows News For its news pieces, the Microsoft News site blatantly takes advantage of brick work matrix patterns. It is also built on the WordPress platform, which makes it simpler to achieve this style. I’d like to think that the inclusion of a widely known brand like Microsoft on this list doesn’t require an explanation.

TEL EBOOK Anyone who prefers reading to watching TED Talks as recordings can find them on the TED Blog, which is run by WordPress. It’s obvious that the team behind the TED Blog understands what kind of website establishment is anticipated to flourish as an objective, non-benefit organization committed to disseminating ideas to people across the world.

PLAYSTATION PlayStation isn’t just for kids who enjoy playing video games. In actuality, the WordPress-based website for PlayStation provides a ton of information for adults who enjoy interacting with their personal identity. Here on the PlayStation Blog, find out about major game releases, compelling gaming industry news, and cutting-edge technology that you’ll need to get your hands on.

END Additionally, here is a guide for setting up WordPress websites in 7 steps. Casinofy was created on the same platform as all of these websites.

Despite all the obstacles, WordPress keeps evolving and improving little by little. As an open source CMS, it is developed and improved with new modules, services, and topics to keep up with the remarkable changes in the examples of website architecture ‘s website.


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