Five cheery scenes from the movie The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders An fresh transfer girl named Ava (Savannah May, Knight Squad) hesitantly joins the cheerleading squad at her overbearing mother Candice’s request (Denise Richards, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). The best cheerleader and most popular girl in the class, Katrina (Allie DeBerry, A.N.T Farm), unexpectedly outperforms Ava, who gets the squad and soon becomes high school royalty.

Ava learns that becoming a member of the squad has a cost as she settles into her new life. Hybrid is the maker of The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. Peter Sullivan is the author and White, a Pakistani financial unit, is the executive.

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders kicks off Lifetime’s Cheer, Rally, Kill lineup. Regina George, get over here! Katrina is coming to do harm. The lead role in Lifetime’s immensely anticipated Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up belongs to Denise Richards. Ava (Savannah May) and her mother Candice (Richards) go to a new town in The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders.

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders: 5 cheertastic scenes from the movie

Since the death of Avas’ father, nearly two years have passed. Ava has struggled with using drugs and alcohol since his death as a coping mechanism. Ava will get the fresh start she needs by moving to a new town and school, in Candice’s opinion.

Unfortunately, the dance team—which used to be Ava’s passion—doesn’t exist at the new school. Shell will have to settle for trying out for the formidable Lions cheer squad, where she will meet Katrina, the Queen Bee (Allie DeBerry). You should have anticipated a cruel initiation given that the opening scene of the movie features cheerleaders abusing another girl while donning lion masks.

The four new cheerleaders, including Ava, are initially happy to join the team, but their joy quickly fades. They are quickly imprisoned in an underground cage after learning about the advantages of fame. Alex, Tiffany, Ava, and Julie must flee from the flames in order to pass the first test! Just relax. In order to trick her recruits into hyperventilating, Katrina utilizes a fog machine rather than actual flames. Isn’t she a real peach? The stakes are established by the opening scene’s intensity. This sequence met our expectations for how dark, outrageous, and entertaining The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders would be, which is why I liked it.


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