ADATA Technology, a top producer of commercial-grade DRAM modules and NAND Flash devices, today announced the addition of new commercial-grade DDR5 4800 ECC U-DIMM and ECC SO-DIMM memory modules to its DDR5 series inventory. The DDR5 modules are made to work with the most recent Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake CPUs as well as upcoming DDR5 platforms, making them appropriate for a variety of uses such as servers, data centers, workstations, networking, telemedicine, edge computing, and high-performance computing (HPC).

Industrial-grade DDR5 ECC U-DIMM and ECC SO-DIMM memory modules from ADATA come in 16GB and 32GB capacities and use genuine SAMSUNG ICs. Data transfer speeds of up to 4800 MT/s are possible with DDR5, which performs at twice the bandwidth of DDR4 and operates at a lower 1.1V for greater energy efficiency. They also include on-module Power Management ICs (PMIC), which enhance power management and offer a more dependable power supply with per-module granularity. Additionally, for more dependable data transmissions, the DDR5 ECC U-DIMM and SO-DIMM memory modules come with On-die ECC (error correcting code) and Side-band ECC technology.

All ADATA industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules have thermal sensors to prevent overheating for better stability, 30 PCBs are gold-plated for better signal transmission, there is anti-sulfuration protection, and conformal coating technology is used to make the memory modules resistant to pollution, dust, and humidity.

Please visit ADATA Industrial’s website for additional information about their products: DDR5 ECC U-DIMM DDR5 ECC SO-DIMM

ADATA Industrial expends on its DDR5 series lineup with the launch of ECC modules.

With the introduction of ECC modules, ADATA Industrial expands the selection of its DDR5 series.


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