A new integrated platform called Sagittarius-WLR has been released by STAr Technologies, a developer of semiconductor test solutions, for improved Wafer-Level Reliability (WLR) tests. To fulfill new device reliability qualification requirements for cutting-edge nanoscale node technologies, Sagittarius-WLR is being developed. More than 30 test algorithms, including the incredibly quick NBTI/PBTI, HCI, GOI/TDDB, isothermal electromigration, etc., have been created or improved to meet the requirements for advanced dependability. One of the most thorough and all-encompassing pieces of software for quick, certified, and qualified solutions for advanced technology nodes semiconductor devices with reliability requirements is Sagittarius-WLR.

The Sagittarius-WLR has parallel multi-device and multi-tester operations to shorten qualification time, and it fulfills the majority of the essential reliability test requirements. Users can run numerous devices simultaneously in the dynamic parallel execution mode to shorten qualification times by stressing and testing devices concurrently. A maximum of 32 virtual testers may independently execute tests in parallel under one hardware configuration when using the multi-tester operating mode. With simultaneous automated test processes, this flexibility will enable various test splits and dynamic test selection.

Additionally, Sagittarius-WLR is built with features that give customers efficient dependability with real-time presentation of Pass/Fail judgment and test data. This test system can also be used for reliability certification, reliability monitoring, and electrical process-control monitoring (PCM). In order to allow for online data analysis using the given software tools, the system data will also be simultaneously stored in the file management system as raw data in any user-defined format, including office CSV or in the cloud. Numerous Sagittarius-WLR installations may all be upgraded with the new features, which successfully boost throughput and reliability qualification efficiency.

The president of STAr Technologies’ test business group, Yu-Ming Chien, offers his thoughts on this important test system “For many years, STAr has been committed to the advancement of semiconductor reliability testing, and it continues to offer solutions that improve measurement accuracy and efficiency. With installations at all the leading foundries, Sagittarius-WLR is the best-integrated test platform and does truly increase reliability certification effectiveness and track records.”


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