The Home app appears to be undergoing a significant revamp by Google. The business is seeking testers for its so-called next-generation smart home control hub design. Although it hasn’t provided much detail about the suggested revamp of the platform, it has posted a request on the product testing website Centercode for all Nest users to try out the new app and provide feedback before it is made available to the general public.

A group of enthusiastic testers who are eager to assist Google Nest test an unannounced product are being sought for the Google Nest Trusted Tester program, the firm reports ( via ). The Google Home App’s newest look will be the main topic of this show.

Google is seeking individuals who currently own a Nest product. Any Nest product would work, including thermostats, WiFi, smart speakers, smart displays, security cameras, doorbells, locks, Nest Protect (smoke alarms), and Chromecasts, since the business is testing the software. Just that they have to control the item via either the Google Home app or the Nest app. Participants will be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, per the company (NDA).

Advertisement A NEW DESIGN FOR THE Google Home App is conceivable. Google routinely updates the Home app with new functionality, visual improvements, and feature additions. Recently, interactive toggles were implemented, allowing you to swiftly carry out specific activities for your devices. With simply a tap or slide, you can play/pause media and change the brightness and volume. A condensed list that displays more recent and pertinent information has also been added to the Home Feed tab. Users now find it simpler to operate their Nest smart home gadgets thanks to these updates.

The business also displayed a new Home app for Android tablets at Google I/O 2022 in May. This revamp included a navigation rail to make good use of the large screens. Google seems to be planning another significant update to the app. We could be in for something major because the company claims that this is the next generation in design. But it might take some time before we learn more about this impending overhaul given that it is still looking for testers.

While waiting, if the above requirements apply to you and you’re interested in helping Google improve the Home app, head over to Centercode and join up for an account there. You may also sign in using an existing account. Remember that you will be bound by an NDA.


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