It goes without saying that the Pixel 6 series has experienced some growing pains. The majority of users of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, as well as other smartphones made by Google, are satisfied with them, even if we cover many of the more notable problems that users may have.

Owners are allegedly going to abandon the Pixel series in large numbers, according to a recently revealed chart from Statista . While it’s unclear why, it’s possible that this is because consumers are experiencing problems with their gadget. As you have informed us, difficulties and pain spots do exist. However, we are unsure of how this information pertains to a larger user population. Particularly considering that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are among of the most popular Made by Google smartphones to date. People are obviously content with buying the Pixel 6 series in the first place as they’ve even sold more than the Pixel 4 and Pixel together.

The loyalty score of the Pixel series has decreased 36%, according to data that was selectively taken from the pay-walled Statista’s Global Consumer Survey app. This implies that owners may decide to change when it’s time to upgrade. While this might be a problem, if it’s true, the Pixel 6’s entire design strategy has been undone, and a sizable portion of owners are dissatisfied with their phones.

image: Statista

The longevity of the Google Pixel series depends on brand loyalty, thus content Pixel 6 owners are essential. The survey included more than 7,000 US smartphone owners, which is a sizable sample size right off the bat. The information acquired here, however, relates to the time frame of April 2021 to March 2022. The Pixel 5 served as Google’s primary flagship smartphone for the most majority of that time; the Pixel 6 series didn’t arrive on shop shelves until the final four months of this study.

We have some doubt and aren’t quite certain that Pixel 6 customers are driving away, as some have said. Brand loyalty has decreased by 36%, a 17% decline from a study done in March 2021 of a similar nature. Given that the Pixel series only makes up 1% of the US market in wholesale terms, it is likely that only about 70 of the respondents to the initial question currently own a Pixel device, and even fewer will do so in the future.

If the majority of Pixel 6 owner responses were positive but a tiny percentage expressed frustration with their phone, the results might easily yield what looks to be a devastating number. It’s better to take this type of data with a grain of salt, much like the enormous sales percentage gains. Having said that, there are good reasons why owners might be drifting away.

People are complaining about the Pixel 6 series fingerprint scanner, connectivity, charging speed, and Android 12. There have also been concerns regarding the Pixel 6 series connectivity. At the risk of undermining the bad experiences many people have had, as is frequently the case, there is frequently a silent majority who have not had problems.

Consider us intrigued. We anticipated receiving a significant response from Pixel owners only. Are you satisfied with your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, then? Use the survey below to let us know, and be sure to let us know why in the comments section that follows.

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