Google has stated that its Fiber services will expand to five additional US states. The announcement was made official at the What’s next for Google Fiber event by the division’s CEO, Dinni Jain.

One of the company’s most neglected offerings, Google Fiber isn’t even widely aware of by many users. For a while, there was no word of Fiber, and many people thought Google had killed it. Google Fiber, on the other hand, is expanding to five additional states in order to offer customers a high-speed broadband internet service.

Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, and Nevada will eventually be supported by Google Fiber, according to the company announcement . We are in contact with the mayors of the following cities with a view to delivering Google Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home service to those areas. said Dinni Jain.

Advertisement Google Fiber will now be available in five new states. For the upcoming several years, according to Jain, they would concentrate their growth efforts on these five additional states. Additionally, the business is attempting to increase Fiber services in the current urban areas.

In 14 US states, including Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington, Google Fiber is currently accessible.

Google Fiber has undergone a number of upgrades recently. The business first gave up on traditional TV services in favor of Chromecast and Google TV. Then, rather than providing a 100Mbps option, their Fiber focus was switched to gigabit service. With a new Wi-Fi 6 router, Google Fiber also started providing a 2 Gig service last year.

Advertisement Dinni Jain added that they enjoy speaking with communities who wish to construct their own fiber networks. In West Des Moines and Huntsville, this tactic was successful.

In addition to Google Fiber’s efforts to grow in the nation, the Biden administration recently approved a $45 billion plan to increase access to broadband internet in the US. The law gives 20 of the biggest ISPs in the nation enough funding to provide Americans with high-speed and reasonably priced broadband internet.


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