French customers of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet system may have to pay more due to the introduction of high-speed data limitations designed to reduce congestion. On the plus side, though, the corporation is cutting the monthly subscription fee in half.

French consumers received notifications from SpaceX on Wednesday informing them of the upcoming change that will be implemented through a test program. The message, which was shared (Opens in a new window) on Reddits Starlink community, stated that “Starlink is cutting your monthly service charge in mainland France from 99/month to 50/month effective August 3, 2022.”

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According to SpaceX, the corporation wants to link as many people as possible without sacrificing service quality. However, the new regulation can annoy paying customers, particularly if they are frequent users of the service.

SpaceX has not placed any data limitations on Starlink since it initially launched as a beta. But in recent months, some consumers in North America have noticed noticeably reduced speeds, most likely as a result of network congestion brought on by too many Starlink users in the area using the satellite network.

SpaceX intends to increase the capacity of the Starlink constellation by launching thousands more of the satellites into Earth’s orbit to alleviate network congestion issues. However, that will take time and need regulatory approval. Therefore, the company’s plan to impose high-speed data limitations appears to be a band-aid solution to the congestion issues.

We asked SpaceX for a comment; if we hear back, we’ll update the story. However, according to a corporate support document for the French market, notes (Opens in a new window) , SpaceX is working to make sure that Power Users don’t consume all of the Starlink network capacity.

Power Users may experience reduced speeds in proportion to their network consumption when the network prioritizes other users during periods of congestion. Power User speeds are not throttled, but, while it is not busy.


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Where Over Earth Do Starlink Satellites Burn Up? Image”>Apparently Everywhere
There is no software fix for the “alt=”SpaceX: There’s a 12GHz Spat With Dish on Starlink Image”>problem.

According to Mark Harris, a Starlink subscriber in France, who we spoke with, the high-speed data caps won’t be an issue right away. He wrote on Reddit, “From what I understand, if there is any network congestion, my service may get deprioritized when I go above 250GB.”

Additionally, he hasn’t encountered any traffic issues in France, where there are just 4,000 Starlink subscribers at the moment. My household typically downloads 450 to 550GB every month, so even if I had to pay an additional 30 Euros on top of my 50 Euros each month, I would still be better off than I am right now, he claimed.

SpaceX sent a message to other Starlink users in France also (Opens in a new window) informing them of the price reduction. However, the 250GB high-speed data cap was not mentioned in the same message. Therefore, it’s probable that not all of the country’s subscribers would be impacted.

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