HONOR is working on a strategy to regain its market share internationally. As many of you are aware, the business began as a Huawei subsidiary and is not a distinct entity. Currently, a Shenzhen-based group owns it.

In a way, Huawei was forced to sell HONOR in order to advance the business. Due to the company’s lack of access to Google services, the trade embargo that the US enforced damaged HONOR and its global market share.

All of that has since changed, and HONOR devices now include a complete Google suite. Since then, the business has expanded, and it now wants to regain its market share.

Advertisement Honor has significant plans to increase its global market share. interviewed by Android Central was contacted by Tony Ran, the president of HONOR Europe, to learn more about the organization’s ambitions. In spite of this, HONOR saw tremendous success in China while growing relatively slowly in Europe.

In Europe, the firm has primarily concentrated on mid-range phones. That might be the cause. That will, however, soon alter. Recently, HONOR revealed that it would also use its dual-flagship release cycle throughout Europe.

Why does that matter? So, we will receive both the company’s conventional and foldable flagships. A really intriguing smartphone that can be folded at the same time is the HONOR Magic V. Unfortunately, it only became available in China, but its replacement will soon be available worldwide.

Advertisement Ran added that HONOR is collaborating with an increasing number of telecom companies and merchants to make its devices easily accessible to customers. This mostly applies to Western Europe, where it is attempting to increase its presence.

Future consideration will be given to expanding into North America. He claimed that in order to regain market share, HONOR is currently concentrating on the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Ran was clear to note that HONOR is still ill-prepared to join the North American market. However, he did indicate that North America would be taken into account in the future.

The corporation is also giving software a lot of attention. It is continuously enhancing its Magic UI Android skin, and he is getting everyone excited for the impending release of MagicOS 7.0. He claims that there will be significant interface design improvements. Performance will also be enhanced, as well as cross-device collaboration.

Advertisement There you have it, then. More HONOR smartphones, including the company’s flagship foldables, will be seen in Europe.


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