Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is ready to rule Europe after debuting on June 23 in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, where it ranked in the top 10 charts on Google Play and the App Store.

In fact, you can pre-register on iOS and Android right now to get it as soon as it opens on September 21—just than a month from now. The question is, will it have the same impact on European music charts as it has in other regions.

It certainly has a chance. If you haven’t already, you should play Bloodline: Characters of Lithas, a free-to-play gacha RPG that lets you assemble the ideal group of strong heroes.

Advertisement This is made possible through the game’s marriage system, which enables you to combine two of your favorite heroes to produce a new character who possesses both of its parents’ talents.

These heroes come in a variety of shapes, and they can be recognizable races like elves, demons, orcs, demigods, and werewolves. Here, Tolkien or fantasy fans in general will feel at home.

The exquisite graphics, which combine superb 3D battle scenes (of which there are plenty) with western fantasy illustrations elsewhere, further support this.

Advertisement Do you frequently play mobile games while on the go? You’ll adore Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas if that’s the case. It has portrait play, which is perfect for one-handed play in confined spaces.

Therefore, pre-register at the App Store or Google Play right away. On September 21, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas debuts in Europe.


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