Amazon recently had a hardware event where it unveiled a number of intriguing products that we should be anticipating. Amazon introduced a number of new Echo smart speakers among the products that were announced. These include a few low-cost Echo Dot gadgets that would make good holiday presents.

THESE NEW ALEXA-POWERED ECHO DEVICES If you’re not familiar with the Amazon Echo device, these are a line of smart speakers that Amazon has created. Through them, you may also call Alexa and play music. If you’re interested in smart home technology, they’re great.

ECHO DOT WITH CLOCK AND NEW ECHO DOT Two regular Echo Dot speakers are protruding from the device. These are the less expensive alternatives to the standard Echo speakers. These speakers have been redesigned by Amazon to have a more rounded shape. They are almost entirely circular, with the exception of a flat area at the bottom.

Advertisement This new Dot has a few handy extra sensors that come with it. They will be able to gauge the room’s temperature thanks to a new temperature sensor. In this method, if the room starts to become warm, you may tell Alexa to turn on the fan automatically. Also included is an accelerometer. This makes it possible for you to operate the device by merely tapping the top of it.

As you might have guessed, the Echo Dot With Clock has a side-mounted clock. A “calculator” display will appear and shine through the speaker fiber. The display can also show you the music that is playing and the times of upcoming events.

Younger users will like the cool additions that ECHO DOT KIDS EDITION The Kids edition Echo Dot offers. To begin with, the speakers now feature fresh graphics like owls and dragons on the front. Additionally, Amazon Kids users will be able to hear the voices of those creatures.


The voices enable the children to hear jokes, information, greetings, and more. When you purchase the Echo Dot Kids Edition, you receive a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids .

The new iteration of the more expensive device range, ECHO STUDIO The Echo Studio , includes some great upgrades. This speaker offers unique audio technology as a start. It is intended to resemble a studio setup. As a result, instruments are panned to match the position of the vocals in the mix.

Additionally, the new Echo Studio features frequency rage extension technology, resulting in improved midrange clarity and deeper bass. The speaker has specially made drivers that were created for it.

Advertisement AUTO ECHO We now have an new Echo Auto upgrade, which is not the least. The construction of this device is slimmer than that of the previous version. It is considerably less than the width of the AC vent. It is directly mounted to your dashboard using the adhesive mount.

This version has five microphones to better pick up your voice over the speakers and air conditioner. You may use it, like all other Echo devices, to call Alexa to your aid.

AFFORDABILITY AND PRICE Device Colors Price Information Deep-Sea Blue, Charcoal, and Glacier White with Echo Dot Today’s price for an Echo Dot with a clock is $49.99. Today’s price for the Echo Dot Kids Edition is $59.99. Echo Auto Original $54.99 Today, $59.99 Tomorrow Echo Studio Glacier White Charcoal $199.99