Amazon and Eero are beginning to realize the benefits of having cables. The PoE 6 and PoE 6 Gateway are the company’s first PoE devices, which were just launched. These are “PoE,” or “Power over Ethernet.” It follows that you can put these anywhere in your house or place of business without also running power lines; just Ethernet will do.

You will have to pay $299 for the first Eero PoE access point. In terms of performance, it is comparable to the eero 6 Plus and Pro 6E access points. Instead of delivering tri-band WiFi 6E like the Pro 6E offers, it only supports dual-band WiFi 6. However, with support for 1.5Gbps WiFi connections, it is more comparable to the Pro 6E in terms of speeds, coverage, and capacity. It can cover up to 2,000 square feet and support over 100 connected devices.

A POE 6 GATEWAY is also available. A PoE Gateway is also being introduced by eero today. The first “dedicated wired Eero gadget” is this one. It features two 10Gbps ethernet connections and is capable of supporting internet rates of up to 10Gbps. Additionally, eight PoE-compatible 2.5Gbps ethernet ports are provided. Power is not provided by the speedier ports; just data is.

Advertisement The cost of the PoE Gateway is $649. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly not for everyone. However, it is actually quite a bit more expensive than the $479 Ubiquiti Switch Enterprise 8 PoE. However, the key distinction here is that although Ubiquiti lacks routing capabilities, eero does.

These are mostly geared toward professional installers and small businesses by Amazon. preventing the actual purchase of either PoE device from Amazon or Eero. It will be accessible later this year to small firms and expert installers. You’re out of luck if you want to purchase one for your house. at least right now. This makes sense because, like Linus Tech Tips, this is mainly geared at home network enthusiasts.


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