The introduction of Amazon’s new Wired Floodlight Camera and Mini Pan Tilt could be missed if you blink. The business unveiled two new home security products at its yearly hardware update event. The Blink Wired Floodlight camera is the more well-known of the two. It records and edits video locally on the device using artificial intelligence.

The AZ2 Neural Edge Processor from Amazon is what makes it all possible. Since all of the video processing is done locally, the video is kept on the device and never sent to the cloud. A feature that is expected to satisfy many consumers despite growing worries about corporate management of client data privacy.

The Mini Pan Tilt is designed to give the Blink Mini camera a method to capture more coverage of any room in which it is installed. The Mini Pan Tilt, according to Amazon, “enables corner-to-corner, 360-degree coverage of any room.” For a greater range of movements, you attach a small motorized mount to the Blink Mini camera. allowing the camera to tilt up and down and move left and right.


One excellent feature of Amazon’s new camera is unquestionably the locally processed video. But there are additional noteworthy qualities that merit highlighting. Additionally, it provides HD video resolution and two-way audio. Additionally, the camera has 2600 lumens of LED lighting to make sure it can record almost anything, day or night.

The camera’s low price of $99.99, though, may be what appeals to most people. a significant $100 discount compared to Amazon’s Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus. Naturally, the camera also functions with Alexa for voice control and is weather-resistant. When it becomes available, the camera will cost $99.99, although the release date has not yet been set. In the US, Amazon only states that it will be accessible “in the coming months.” However, you can pre-order the Blink Mini Pan Tilt now for $29.99 or for $59.99 in combination with the Blink Mini camera, with an October 20 release date.

Blink Wired Floodlight Camera
Announcement Blink Mini Pan Tilt


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