The intriguing phones that have already hit the market pale in comparison to the patents for smartphone designs that border on the bizarre. One of the primary sources of these patents is Samsung, which also owns another one. According to Sam Mobile , has recently published a new patent for a phone with a transparent rear display.

Before we continue, it is important to note that this does not imply that we will see this phone anytime soon. You probably won’t ever see this phone. News about patents should be treated with caution. This merely indicates that the business wishes to protect this idea in case it decides to use it again.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) received the patent submission in January of this year, and it was just released yesterday. The phone in question will have a standard front display and be a slab phone. To increase functionality, there will be an additional display on the phone’s back.

Advertisement In reality, the phone’s rear display will be transparent. Now, rear-display smartphones are uncommon but not unheard of; we’ve seen them before. There are some older phones with E-ink rear panels and phones like the ZTE Nubia series that feature full-on displays on the back that you can use.

With this patent, Samsung is borrowing a page from the playbook of those phones. This phone will also have a display on the back, just like the phones stated earlier. According to the patent drawings, the screen will take up most of the phone’s back. It appears to be long enough to wrap around the camera module from the bottom to the tap. In contrast, the display on the ZTE phone ends at the camera module.

The pictures demonstrate a few applications for this back panel. When using the rear camera, one can use it as a viewfinder. Selfies will be easier to take as a result. We can also see that it will display the Samsung logo in several places.

Advertisement The fact that this display is intended to be transparent, though, is what makes it so fascinating. This indicates that when it is turned off, it will disappear into the back glass. This could imply that the display could be placed on top of any design, such as Borra Purple glass, that may be present on the rear of the device. When it’s turned off, the back glass will be visible as usual.

Despite how intriguing this might appear, it might be some time before we see phones with transparent rear displays. Who knows what the Korean juggernaut will reveal next, though?


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