You may remember your passwords with a number of different services, including Google Chrome. You probably don’t need to use Chrome’s version if you already use one of the numerous other password-saving applications available. You may effectively disable Chrome’s autofill by clearing all of your passwords with the aid of this instruction.

Why would I want to delete my passwords on Chrome? How to backup your Chrome passwords How to clear all passwords from Chrome WHY WOULD I WANT TO DESTROY MY CHROME PASSWORDS? If you’re anything like me, you’ve used a variety of password management websites. There are numerous options available, some of which are more secure than others. Just to name a few, examples include LastPass , 1Password, and NordPass. Of course, Chrome also comes with a free and safe built-in password manager. Despite being readily available via the browser, it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as other apps.

Additionally, auto-filling can get a little awkward if you already use another software to save your passwords because Chrome will compete with the other management extensions to provide you suggested passwords. Chrome’s ability to sign into some websites automatically and its offer to save passwords may both be disabled, but autofill cannot. Some people find it preferable to use only one program and delete the passwords from Chrome.

STORAGE METHODS FOR CHROME PASSWORDS You should have a backup of your login information before attempting to delete your passwords from Chrome just in case. This may be accomplished by exporting a CSV file from Chrome and importing it into any password manager. As follows:

Obtain . In the top right corner, click the Settings cog. Next to “Export passwords,” click “Export.” Verify your desire to export a CSV file. You might need to prove your identity. The file will start downloading right away. PASSWORD CLEARING IN CHROME: HOW TO As previously indicated, Google Chrome does not offer a means to disable autofill. Although you may easily disable the autofill option by clearing your passwords from Chrome.

NOTE: Before doing these procedures, make sure to fully backup all of your passwords in a secure location.
Here’s how to erase all of your passwords from Chrome if you’ve backed up your passwords and are ready to do so:

Open Google Chrome right now. Both mobile and desktop devices are compatible with this. Tap the overflow menu in the top right corner (three-dot menu.) If you are on a desktop computer, select or tap Settings from the menu that displays. History need to be readily available on mobile devices. Locate History in the menu that opens, then tap or hover your cursor over it to choose it once more. Tap or click Clear browsing data on the History page. Change the date range to All Time under the Advanced tab. You’ll either see Passwords and other sign-in information or Saved passwords. Pick just that one. Click Clear data.

All of your sign-in information will be deleted once you select Clear data, allowing you to browse without having Chrome constantly auto-fill your information. Keep in mind that once this process is complete, you will not be able to recover these emails unless you have a backup copy somewhere and can restore it.

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