Google is putting in place a delay in order to prevent fraudulent reviews on the Play Store. This implies that your review won’t be published straight soon after you write it. It might instead be kept for up to 24 hours.

The abundance of phony reviews for any software in either app store is a serious problem. Sometimes users will review bomb an app with phony or dubious evaluations. They might be employed to spam the app or malign it.

THE PLAY STORE WILL DELAY REVIEWS FOR THIS REASON. This information is from Mishaal Rahman . He tweeted a screenshot of the Google Play Store being updated. The app creator will be able to see reviews that users post and respond to them, but the reviews themselves won’t be made public. This will allow the app’s creators an opportunity to see user reviews before they are made public.

Advertisement This additional period of time after submitting a review may be able to stop the flood of erroneous reviews that are being submitted to the platform. Before they appear on the Play Store, duplicate, fraudulent, excessively unfavorable, or suspicious reviews can be reported by app developers.

Right now, it’s unclear whether this will genuinely improve the situation. On the internet, there are many evil actors who frequently figure out how to bypass these kinds of security measures.

OTHER GOOGLE NEWS: A UPDATE IS COMING TO GOOGLE PHOTOS MEMORIES The Memories feature has been a part of Google Photos for approximately three years, and it recently received a significant makeover. Highlights from your videos are now displayed in your Memories. Those highlights will be chosen at random.

Advertisement You will add a slight zoom effect for some added flair to your still photos. Google will also include instrumental music with your photos to enhance the ambiance.

The images will have a 3D effect added by Google Photos so that the foreground and background move independently. Additionally, the app will have a collage maker where you may create collages. Today, Google is releasing the update.


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