Google Meet is the platform for video conferencing that many companies utilize to hold meetings. Although the site offers a few amusing backgrounds and effects, its focus is still mostly on business. Google, though, may make Meet more entertaining by enabling live sharing of apps like YouTube, Kahoot!, and UNO within the meeting.

Google is now going through a small transition. Google Duo, its previous video chat service, is being phased out. The replacement is going to be Google Meet. Users of the Google Allo app are currently able to witness it transform into Google Meet. The name of the app and its Play Store icon have been changed to reflect Meet.

Google Meet may now allow you to share apps live while in a meeting. Now, you should treat this information with a grain of salt. 9To5Google discovered this through an APK deep-dive. This indicates that there is no assurance that the platform will receive this functionality. The most recent version of the application contains the necessary code, but it might be removed at any time.

Advertisement The code suggests that Google might permit users to live-share specific programs while actively engaged in a call. This implies that when this is started, each chat participant will be brought to the app while they are in a meeting and given the opportunity to interact with it.

If this functionality is released, a list of six apps could be included in it. We have Heads Up!, Kahoot, UNO, Spotify, YouTube, and Spotify. A team task organizer is GQueues, a charades game is Heads UP!, and Kahoot! allows you to create quizzes for others to complete. It appears that GQueues is the sole application in the group focused on business.

WHAT IS QUESTIONABLE IS HOW THIS WILL WORK. We still don’t know exactly how this will function. These programs are not included in Google Meet. Instead, Meet will guide you separately to the applications while keeping the call going.

Advertisement As a result, each user will be using their own app. We’re all interested in learning how Google Meet will synchronize the apps so they can all function together. Due to Google’s ownership of YouTube, it appears more likely that there will be some connection. It’s baffling for the other applications, though. To gather more information on this, we will need to wait for further developments.


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