Based on a recent reported app deconstruction, Google Calendar’s objectives feature might be removed soon.

For the sake of clarity, goals is one of the few elements hidden in the app’s floating plus button. When chosen, it gives users the option to specify a variety of, well, goals. Whether it’s a goal to get more exercise, develop new skills, spend time with loved ones or alone, or arrange tasks better. This functionality now seems to be disappearing.

GOALS WILL BE REMOVED FROM GOOGLE CALENDAR WHEN? As previously said, the feature is still present. Furthermore, Google hasn’t made any remarks about the removal of objectives from its Calendar service or app.

Advertisement Instead, a fresh set of code lines discovered in the app’s APK indicate that it might begin doing so shortly. That code specifically announces the approaching removal when it is applied.

Google claims in the message that is still active that already established objectives will be preserved. However, objectives that were programmed to repeat automatically will no longer do so. Meaning that whenever the change occurs, people who have already established goals for the near future will probably not be impacted. However, after the already established goals have been completed, no new goals will be set.

Google is now advising its Calendar users to utilize a different approach in place of goals. In particular, the business advises creating recurring goals utilizing the events function instead. As a result, once the feature is disabled, several of the key features of objectives, such as scheduling a certain number of sessions per week, will no longer be available. Users must use the events functionality to establish particular days and times for those to occur.

Advertisement As Google’s Workspace apps continue to migrate away from personal use, this isn’t the first feature of its kind to be withdrawn. It will be interesting to see if it changes Calendars’ ranking among the top used calendar apps.


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