Cooking techniques used in Japanese cuisine range widely and include stir-frying, frying, boiling, steaming, and many more. While mastering them all can be challenging, it becomes simpler when you subscribe to the top Japanese food YouTubers and watch their cooking tutorials.

Since Japan is an island nation bordered by the sea, a large range of fresh foods are readily available. However, Japanese cuisine follows the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter when choosing its components. Although Japanese cuisine is often prepared according to the seasons, you may cook any Japanese dish at any time by watching it being prepared at home on the YouTube channels listed below.

Because he has more than 5.5 million subscribers, Yuka Kinoshita is the top Japanese food YouTuber, according to our list. In addition to him, there are other more well-known food YouTubers, like Ochikeron, JunsKitchen, and many others.

When you read the entire article, you’ll learn about each YouTuber that posts about Japanese food, along with their subscriber count and total number of views across all videos on that channel.

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2021’s TOP JAPANESE FOOD YOUTUBERS TO FOLLOW The names of each Japanese YouTuber’s channel are presented in order of the number of subscribers. Even though some YouTubers may have little subscribers, they all provide high-quality cuisine videos.


Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Yuka Kinoshita

Yuka Kinoshita’s YouTube username and real name are also Yuka Kinoshita. Yuka enjoys creating videos on Japanese cuisine. The main culinary categories include breakfast, seafood, fried foods, deep-fried foods, and Ramen. She makes YouTube food videos in addition to being a competitive eater. As of today, Kinoshita Yuka has published 2.1K videos to her channel on YouTube since she first signed up on May 21, 2014. Her videos have surpassed the 2 billion mark in terms of overall views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; JunsKitchen
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One of the top Japanese food YouTubers, Jun, runs this channel. He publishes videos about Chinese culture and cookery. Since joining YouTube in November 2021, Jun has only posted 33 videos. On the other hand, the subscription count is really high. His videos have received more than 3 billion total views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Mosogourmet
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You may find delicious food content on this channel, including Japanese cuisine. The channels playlist has a range of categories that you can browse. Apple sweets, Oddly fulfilling, the Pancake Art Challenge, Father’s Day, Halloween, Hinamatsuri, and many other recipes are just a few of them. This YouTube channel has 1.5K total videos with billions of views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Peaceful Cuisine
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Ryoya Takashima runs the YouTube channel Peaceful Cuisine. She posts videos of traditional Japanese cuisine here. She not only makes films on Japanese food but also ice cream recipes. Since its creation in July 2010, this YouTube channel has amassed over 159,728,243 views and 2.39 million subscribers.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Cooking With Dog
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A cute Japanese woman and her gorgeous poodle may be seen cooking excellent meals on this YouTube channel. While some viewers find it confusing as the dog spins around the meal, others find it amusing. You won’t need to worry if you don’t speak Japanese because all videos have English subtitles. This channel mostly features three cuisine categories: hot foods, soups, and desserts. The Cooking With Dog channel currently has 357 videos with more than 2 billion views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Ochikeron

Ochikeron is a mother of two and a Youtuber with a base in Japan. She offers footage of straightforward Japanese home cooking that anyone may make in their own kitchen. Her main objective is to simplify and spice up everyone’s cooking. Award-Winning Recipes is one of the playlists that Ochikeron has created. You must see the videos on that playlist if you surf her channel. This channel has 849 videos overall that have received billions of views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Tasty Japan
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Tasty Japan, which was inspired by the Tasty YouTube channel, creates movies on spectacular home-baked bread recipes, birthday cakes, asparagus deviled eggs, cheese shortcake, Taiwan-style fried chicken, and strawberry sugar beignets, among other delectable Japanese dishes. This YouTube channel has so far posted 1.4K videos, which have received more than 70 million views.

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Best Japanese Food Youtubers To Follow in 2021; Japanese Cooking 101
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The two top Chinese food YouTubers, Noriko and Yuko, manage Japanese Cooking 101. You may find simple Japanese food recipes on this channel that only require a few ingredients to create at home. Japanese Bread, Osechi Ryori, Side dish, Noodle Basics, and Sweet Basics are the main playlists. There are 302 videos in total, and they have received 30 million views.

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CONCLUSION The finest Japanese food YouTubers to follow in 2021 are all of the above. You can subscribe to their channel to learn cooking techniques, but keep in mind that you must put in a lot of effort to become proficient in any skill.

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