One thing is clear in the mobile industry: Apple will introduce new iPhone models this year. The iPhone 14 series, introducing new features and new design touches, is presently scheduled to be unveiled on Sept. 7 at a live event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

iPhone rumors are an unethical endeavor. Many of them start with completely unreliable posts on microblogging platforms like Weibo. On Weibo, anyone may publish anything at random and have it used as a source by a number of websites. The second tier comes from analysts who have contacts to Apple’s suppliers, but they are unable to confirm whether or not they are simply witnessing an experiment that Apple has chosen against using. Only a small number of journalists frequently learn the true facts until the very last second.

Here are the iPhone 14 rumors that we currently believe in. Here’s how to watch the event on September 7 for additional information.

IPHONE 14 WILL BE RELEASED ON SEPTEMBER 7. Even while supply-chain challenges delayed the debut of numerous phones, Apple has largely kept its phones on schedule. On Sept. 7, Apple has scheduled a presentation at its “spaceship campus,” and 9–10 days later, the phones will be available for purchase. That means a presale date of September 9 and an in-store/on-sale date of September 16 are to be anticipated. The event’s slogan is “Far out,” which in Apple lingo could mean almost anything.

The iPhone 14 may use USB-C, but most likely won’t. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the company is aiming to replace its current Lightning port with the more widely used USB-C port. However, that is probably not going to happen with the iPhone 14; instead, the iPhone 15 would experience it in 2023. In addition to freeing Apple from a legal bind with the EU, which may eventually require USB-C as a universal port on numerous products, USB-C provides faster charging and data rates than Lightning.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) The iPhone 14 has a satellite connection option. In 2022, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on a 2021 rumor that the iPhone 14 would include satellite connectivity. This would most likely be a last-ditch safety function that allows you to send emergency messages to satellites while you are outside of a coverage region. While Lynk and AST are two businesses developing more extensive satellite connectivity for regular handsets, their systems most likely won’t be ready to function at the scale required by Apple for its iPhones this year.

Analyst Kuo has been posting credible claims on his Twitter account recently, including “IPHONE MINI IS DEAD; ONLY PRO PHONES GET A16.” The iPhone tiny line is no longer produced, and only the two Pro-model iPhones will have the new A16 chipset, according to his most current statement.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) The tiny news is tragic, but it comes as no great surprise. According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 13 small was the worst-selling iPhone (Opens in a new window) in its cohort, much like the iPhone 12 mini.

But with new siliconeven camera capabilities like Deep Fusion and night mode, which are now more computational than optical, the A16 announcement presents a special challenge for the iPhone line.

It will have screen sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Gurman, currently the most prominent Apple leaker, claims that with the extinction of the iPhone mini, there will be four models (Opens in a new window) will only come in two sizes. Apple will offer 6.1- and 6.7-inch “Pro” models in addition to 6.1- and 6.7-inch ones with reduced prices.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) IT WILL HAVE A FRONT DISPLAY THAT IS ALWAYS ON. The iPhone 14 Pro will have an always-on, low-power display after again from Gurman (Opens in a new window) is released, similar to what the last several generations of Samsung Galaxy phones had. When the screen is at a low brightness and frame rate, the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to display widgets that show weather, calendars, stocks, activities, and other data, according to the author.

DESIGN WITH A HOLE TO ADORN THE IPHONE 14 PRO SCREEN The infamous notch will be replaced on the Pro model iPhones by an oval Face ID cutout and a hole-punch camera, according to MacRumors (Opens in a new window) . Together, the two components will occupy nearly the same space as the notch, but because they are surrounded by live pixels, they won’t be as distracting to the eye as the notch is.

Max Weinbach, an Tweet (Opens in a new window) journalist, posted a different rendering of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. supposed detailed schematics and reduced front bezels (Opens in a new window) is also the subject of several rumors, although the “knowledge” originates from unreliable sources on Weibo and Twitter, in my opinion.

THE ’48MP’ Tweet (Opens in a new window) 0 A CAMERA MAY IMPROVE THE IPHONE 14 PRO CAMERA The iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly have a “48 megapixel” camera capable of 8K video recording, according to aa11. I use the term “48 megapixel” here since it is anticipated to produce 12-megapixel photos using quad-pixel binning. To provide a greater “fused” zoom than the optical lenses can individually, the 48-megapixel main wide lens may also work in conjunction with the optical zoom lens. The iPhone 14 Pro version of the phone will reportedly have a larger camera housing to match the more potent camera technology, according to posts on Tweet (Opens in a new window) 2 studying early prototype cases for the device. Weibo posts are generally unreliable, but this one appears possible because a more potent camera might be a little bigger.

AUTOFOCUS FRONT CAMERA FOR THE IPHONE 14 Tweet (Opens in a new window) 3 Tweet (Opens in a new window) 4

IPHONE 14 PRO FROM APPLE TO HAVE 6GB OF RAM This is a really dull rumor, but according to a report from Tweet (Opens in a new window) 5, it may be true. The rumored use of LPDDR5, which is quicker than the LPDDR4X RAM found in iPhone 13 models, is a little more intriguing.

A SIM CARD SLOT MAY BE MISSING FROM SOME MODELS. It’s a crazy one. According to MacRumors, several iPhone models, including the Tweet (Opens in a new window) 6, lack an actual SIM card port. The article claims that this wouldn’t be a move in favor of or against wireless carriers, but rather a method of making the iPhone smaller. Although all three of the major US carriers embrace eSIM, the majority of carriers dislike it. Large carriers dislike it because eSIM makes switching carriers simpler. Due to the inability of their outdated back-end and activation systems to handle eSIM subscribers, small virtual carriers frequently dislike it.

IPHONE 14 BY APPLE WILL NOT HAVE UNDER-DISPLAY TOUCH ID One significant new feature that many Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting doesn’t appear to be coming to iPhone, as Tweet (Opens in a new window) 7 reported that a Ming-Chi Kuo note stated that TouchID under iPhone displays is delayed until 2023’s devices, meaning iPhone 14 owners won’t be able to unlock their phones with other fingers.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUY THE IPHONE 14 PRO BY SUBSCRIPTION. Numerous rumors suggest that Apple will soon launch a new “subscription service” for iPhones. That requires some unpacking. Apple already offers an iPhone Upgrade Program where you can pay $39.50 a month for an iPhone 13 with the option to trade it in when the next model is released. This is how most consumers in the US purchase phones “on subscription,” using payment plans from their carriers.

ICloud, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and other services from the corporation are being combined with Apple hardware at Macworld Tweet (Opens in a new window) 8. This might therefore be a single, all-encompassing “Apple everything” subscription rather than a hardware subscription, a discounted approach to lock you into so many Apple services that you’ll never be able to (or want to) leave.

IPHONE THIS YEAR COULD COST $100 MORE Regarding the cost of the iPhone 14, there are two contradictory rumors. The first, from “yeux1122” on the Korean blog Tweet (Opens in a new window) 9, was later picked up by the majority of the big Apple publications and states that the iPhone 14 will continue to start at $799 (the Mini, which most likely won’t materialize this year, was less expensive), just like the iPhone 13. The poster claims that a “major U.S. financial institution” provided the information. Although it’s difficult to confirm, it makes sense for Apple to maintain the same entry price to support a successful launch of its most recent iPhone.

On the other hand, Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities told Tweet (Opens in a new window) 0 that he thinks the price of the new iPhone would rise by $100, making the entry-level model available for $899. Ives told The Sun that Cupertino must pass on these expenses to the user with this release because prices have been rising throughout the entire supply chain.

IPHONE 14 BY APPLE NEEDS TO STAND OUT IN SOME WAY All of the aforementioned rumors have one major flaw—while the iPhone 14 Pro is shown as having a lot of novel features, little is known about the less expensive Phone 14 and the brand-new iPhone 14 Max. The new phones might primarily be iPhone 13 devices with a new number on them, barring any fresh rumors.


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