announced has learned via Meta that Facebook Groups and Messenger will soon both get a new feature named “Community Chats.” According to Meta, this feature is meant to allow users to engage more deeply with communities around the subjects that are important to them in text, audio, and video formats.

Facebook groups on both Messenger andamp; are receiving community chats. How does that affect you? You may, in essence, form a community and start speaking there, as well as build audio channels and other things. Of course, you’ll be able to join other communities and carry out the same actions there as well.

In essence, this is meant to facilitate your interaction with those who are interested in the same subject matter as you. In addition to text messages, Meta provides you with audio and video chat options so that you can communicate with those folks in a variety of ways.

Advertisement If you think that this sounds eerily like a hybrid of Facebook Messenger and Facebook Groups, we agree. In essence, it appears to be a hybrid product.

The administrator of a particular Community Chat will now have specialized tools. With the use of those tools, he or she can design a Community Chat that is simple to use. In other words, hell be able to classify particular subjects into their own groups.

This will make it quite simple for you to locate and tap on a chat in which you’re interested. Administrators will also have design control over that chat. Thus, we assume that they will be able to change the backdrop, accents, and other elements.

Advertisement ADMINS WILL HAVE MANY OPTIONS, INCLUDING MODERATIONAL OPTIONS. Administrators have additional options. In order to share messages with participants without getting replies, they can build a view-only chat, an admin-only chat, a voice-only conversation, and so on.

Naturally, regulating tools will also be available to you. Each community’s members will be subject to suspension, muting, and blocking by admins.

In the upcoming weeks, it appears that Messenger will be the first platform to receive the Community Chats. Although Meta did not specify, it is likely that it will launch simultaneously on iOS and Android.


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