There is nothing cheap-looking about Samsung’s new foldable phones. They are expensive pocket companions, and maintaining them costs money as well. It appears, though, that purchasing the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 will be extremely inexpensive in terms of warranties.

Note that these costs apply to the gadget only while it is still covered under warranty. If you have a Samsung Care subscription, this is the case. This is the $13 per month subscription that gives you access to particular company services. Your cost will be substantially greater if you don’t have this plan.

A WARRANTY REPAIR OF THE FOLD 4 OR FLIP 4 IS REALLY CHEAP. 9To5Google claims that the cost to repair a damaged screen would start at a whopping $29. Talk about convenient! That costs 88% less than the $249 it costs to restore the screen on a third-generation foldable device. You can stroll into one of the more than 700 Samsung certified shops nationwide and get your phone mended the same day.

Advertisement With the Samsung Care membership, that was also covered by warranty. You were looking at approximately $480 without it.
Therefore, $29 does not seem all that bad now. In actuality, that is around the cost to replace the screen of a typical slab phone.

There is no way of knowing how much you will spend if you decide not to subscribe to Samsung Care . That information has not yet been made available by Samsung. We have no idea whether the price will start at $100 or $500.

Advertisement WHAT ELSE DO YOU GET WITH A SAMSUNG CARE SUBSCRIPTION? Therefore, an additional $13 a month doesn’t seem like much in a world where subscription services are everything. It is especially true given that you are paying for a service you are hoping you won’t ever need.

In the event that your brand-new Galaxy Fold 4 or Flip 4 needs to be fixed, you are covered if you purchase the Samsung Care subscription.

The firm will repair your phone if it falls, cracks, is water damaged, or experiences mechanical issues. You can anticipate a replacement screen from the company the next day if you require one.

Advertisement Not to mention, you have access to support around-the-clock if you require expert assistance. On the Samsung website, you can register for the service.


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