A recent server-side upgrade for Google Meet’s web client is making significant changes to how muting functions and other features. On recent reports outlining the revisions, that is based.

Naturally, these changes come after earlier ones, like the union of Meet and Google’s highly regarded Duo video chat service. However, the inclusion of muting capabilities in Google Meet that is similar to push-to-talk may be the most significant of the new features. And it is a sizably significant aspect. In reality, it might be sufficient to enable Meet to compete with the most widely used video calling programs.

In conclusion, users will now be able to toggle a Setting for the spacebar inside of meetings thanks to the update. Users will automatically be muted after being toggled. For as long as the spacebar key is pressed, the user can speak normally. Google claims that the main objective of the new function is to assist users in avoiding forgetting to mute themselves after unmuting.

Advertisement APART FROM PUSH-TO-TALK USING THE SPACEBAR, WHAT IS NEW WITH GOOGLE MEET’S MUTING? The ability to push-to-talk via the spacebar is now being rolled out. Additionally, it will be accessible to all platform users, not just Enterprise-level users. However, Google has given the rollout a timeline of the upcoming weeks. Therefore, not every user will certainly see it straight immediately. Nevertheless, a few additional features are also being introduced.

An upgrade that started going out before this one should also be visible to more users. Specifically, Microsoft Edge and other browsers based on Chrome and Chromium will support the use of peripherals to regulate muting.

Users will now have a new visual signal for muting thanks to that change. Depending on whether users are muted or not, LED colors on hardware that is supported will change. The ability to mute the entire video meeting, end it, and other features may be included in later releases.


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