If you purchased a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you may be seeking for a case to preserve your priceless gadget. You may also be debating the value of the official Pixel 6 cases and covers.

Since the Pixel 2’s release, Google has provided authorized fabric cases. With the introduction of the Pixel 6 this year, the official cases no longer have the pleasant, plush texture to which we have been accustomed. Instead, Google has concluded that plastic is what the Pixel 6 series needs for protection and has completely abandoned fabric.

Although expensive ($29 per case), it is still less expensive than the traditional cloth options. However, this should mean a few things, just like any official case. First off, a better fit. Secondly, a more attractive device design. We examined all of the official cases in every color to see whether this is the case and to see if they are worth almost $30.

Update (05/26); Recent reports of the official Pixel 6 case assortment discoloring and becoming yellow only strengthen our belief that Google’s first-party covers and accessories are not worth the $29 asking price. We have put together a list of some of the best third-party cases, many of which are far less expensive and do not have the common problems that many Pixel 6 owners are having. The Golden Glow model, which is only available through the Google Store, serves as an illustration of this problem:

As an alternative, we advise choosing the Stormy Sky color option if you want to purchase a first-party official case. Although this hue seems to be less prone to fading and yellowing, you might still have warping over time, which is sometimes a problem with TPU and silicone cases.

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The packaging is a simple affair for the official case selection for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to boost the use of recycled materials on, in, and as part of devices and accessories. The package contains very little, not that it is necessary:

Card for Case Warranty Once the fabric loop from the box’s top and any adhesive stickers have been taken off, you should be able to recycle the cardboard packing for each case. Overall, it’s straightforward but efficient because we’re not here for the box right now, are we?


Pixel 6 case colors
Pixel 6 Pro case colors

You might want to look at something other than an official Pixel 6 case if you want anything other than a frosted or semi-transparent finish on your smartphone case. With just three cases for the Pixel 6 and four for the Pixel 6 Pro, Google has kept things straightforward.

The official Pixel 6 cases are available in three different colors, including Cotton Candy, Light Rain, and Stormy Sky. Stormy Sky, Light Frost, Soft Sage, and Golden Glow, which is only available via the Google Store, are the new colors available for the Pixel 6 Pro.

You can match your phone with a color-correct case, or if you just don’t care about how your phone looks, choose the subdued Stormy Sky hue as each case is not entirely clear. It looks and feels more pleasant to use a case that closely matches your phone, so that is what we recommend doing.


Despite having a frosted surface, each case feels rather fluid in your hands, so it doesn’t add any texture. It’s hard to deny that the polycarbonate chassis isn’t nearly as lovely as fabric, but it is robust with a rubbery texture that will no doubt absorb scratches and scrapes. Even though the Pixel 6 has a distinctive style, this is definitely subjective, but the new designs are a little cliche.

Due to the dual-layer construction, each case’s core frame is sturdy, but there is a soft lip that allows you to insert your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. The button covers, which regrettably don’t add any color like on prior cases, are where this is most noticeable. In our opinion, Google really lost a trick here because a colored power button would have brought a little extra flair.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the softer edge of each cover can snag while fitting your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro. It’s simple to modify, however at first it was a little annoying. This is typical of silicone cases. Additionally, it does imply that the edges of your device’s frame and display are not in contact with the polycarbonate directly.

On the Pixel 6, each cover adds more bulk than you may anticipate, but does a far better job of protecting the display edges because the case lip makes sure that your screen won’t touch any surfaces when you set it down. This is probably because of the design and form of the curved screen because it is less obvious with the official Pixel 6 Pro cases.

The upper earpiece speaker also has a small insert that aids in bending sound outwards but also enables audio to be projected toward you without blocking or muffleing. This can help with call quality, however not as much as on some other devices.

Pixel 6 Pro Golden Glow case cutouts


The camera bar, the USB-C charging connector, and the bottom-firing speakers are the only additional cutouts. Similar to how the earpiece inset shapes sound, these grille cuts also aid in sound shaping by offering a small but accurate cutout for sound to exit.

Most USB-C cables work well for charging, but the cutout gives thicker, insulated cables just enough area to move about. For optimum compatibility with the official case selection for the Pixel 6, it is obvious that Google wants us to utilize the in-the-box cable or a similar-sized alternative.

There are a few items to mention towards the back. The color-coded G logo will be much higher than on the earlier cloth casings, depending on the color you select. Obviously, this is because the capacitive fingerprint scanner that is typically located on the rear of a Pixel has been removed. While it is appreciated, this is essentially the only Google-related addition to this year’s official Pixel 6 and 6 Pro case collection. But each and every case has it engraved, giving your finger a pleasant tactile sensation.



Case designers will probably encounter some difficulties shielding the new lens configuration due to the new camera bar. A squared-off lip that Google opted to add should provide adequate stability and protection if you set your phone face-up on a surface. Additionally, it ought to lessen the effects of a decline.

Since the camera bar is not obscured or covered in any way, this is a good compromise. It does imply that some other cases will offer a little bit more protection along the curved edges, but they won’t let you admire this incredibly distinctive design feature without changing the overall beauty.

ADVISE: IS $29 WORTH IT? The official Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro cases function more as an extension of the design while providing a good level of protection. The $29 pricing is a far bigger deterrent than the little extra bulk that makes them a little bit difficult to suggest than some similar looking third-party solutions.

Although Google provides a reasonable balance of quality and safety, not everyone will find the official case range to be the best choice. They do, without a doubt, deflect dirt and filth a little better than a fabric case, but as a result, they have a slightly sterile feel. Sadly, the short answer is no if all you actually want to know is if the official cases are worth close to $30.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE OFFICIAL PIXEL 6 AND 6 PRO CASE? The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro case range is available directly from companies like the Google Store , Amazon , Best Buy , and Bandamp;HPhoto , among others.

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