Google is constantly seeking for fresh ways to combine its services to produce a seamless user experience. To search for your Spaces using Gmail, the firm provided a new feature as a result. Finding and navigating around those Spaces will be simpler as a result.

A communication hub in Google Chat called Google Spaces enables group discussion. It has several characteristics that make it comparable to software like Microsoft Teams or Slack. If you’re working on a crucial group project, it’s a good method to stay in touch with your coworkers.

A Group functions as a hub for communication where you may communicate but also access other services. You can assume that Google Drive is used since, among other things, it allows you to share files with others. To keep everyone on task, you may also create tasks using Google Tasks.

Advertisement YOU CAN SEARCH FOR SPACES IN GMAIL Over the past few months, Google has been upgrading the Gmail search tool, but it is not yet complete. Tech Radar claims that Google will allow you to search for Spaces directly from the Gmail search bar. For those who access their Spaces through Gmail, this is quite handy.

You must give a Space a name when creating it. Therefore, all you have to do to find a Space is look for a word in the space’s title. You’ll see your Space there, along with the typical results like emails and messages.

There are different kinds of results you can receive while searching in your Spaces. They will display both public Spaces that you can join and private Spaces to which you have been invited.

Advertisement ACCESSING YOUR SPACES They are rather simple to enter if you want to test out Spaces. Visit the desktop website or the Google Chat app. You’ll find a section there called Spaces. On the app, it will be at the bottom, and on the desktop website, it will be on the left side panel. You can create the Space there and invite people to it.


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