Recently, Twitter’s former Chief of Security leveled some serious allegations against the business. As a result, Twitter has decided to merge its spam and misinformation teams.

Peiter Mudge Zatko, the company’s former chief security officer, has reported Twitter to the SEC. He alleged that the business, among other things, has issues with bots and security.

TWITTER made the decision to combine its misunderstanding and spam teams. In response, Twitter combined its service team with its team for the health experience. The former is in responsible of preventing the spread of false information and dangerous content, whereas the latter examines reported profiles and deletes spam accounts.

Advertisement Twitter combined the two teams into a single organization known as HPS, or Health Products and Services. Ella Irwin will serve as the group’s leader. She had worked for Google and Amazon before joining Twitter in June.

Irwin has already sent a memo to its staff, according to Reuters . The team, according to her, will ruthlessly prioritize its tasks. We also need teams that concentrate on certain issues, collaborate as a unit, and stop working in silos, she continued.

A Twitter representative then added their thoughts. The organization’s continuous dedication to prioritizing and concentrating its teams in the pursuit of its objectives, it claimed, is reflected in the reorganization.

Advertisement PEITER ZATKOS’S COMPLAINT IS A FALSE NARRATIVE, SAYS TWITTER’S CEO Parag Agarwal, CEO of Twitter, also sent out a note to the company’s staff. He contends that Zatkos’ lawsuit is a bogus story full with errors and inconsistencies. Bloomberg was a co-sharer of that memo.

Elon Musk and Twitter are expected to appear in court on October 17. The trial is scheduled to last for 5 days, but given all the fresh information that is coming to light, we are unsure if that will actually be the case.

The legal team for Elon Musk has already served subpoenas on Peiter Zatko, Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, and other individuals. Elon Musk will make an effort to disprove Twitter’s denials on its use of bot accounts in order to terminate the purchase agreement.


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