Timed emoji reactions for videos are set to be tested over the coming months , according to YouTube’s confirmation more than a month ago. It appears that people are beginning to notice the option with specialized video content a few weeks after the initial teaser.

The extent of the option’s appearance is yet unknown, but it begins with a floating panel that will show up when enlarging the comments area of particular videos on the platform. This floating panel will offer up to four emoji suggestions that, when selected, will show on the timeline of the replay while marking the viewers’ specific response.

No personal information on those who use the reactions is revealed, though. On the timeline of the video playback, you will only see an emoji with a counter showing how many times it has been used. Initially, YouTube claimed that these timed emojis will alter based on the content of YouTube videos and user feedback.

This has been seen in YouTube v17.19.34, although it seems that not everyone will see it in this most recent build. You might not find the option on any of your current subscriptions because timed emoji reactions are presently only available on a select few channels. Although users now appear to be starting to have access to the feature on iOS and Android, YouTube previously gave an sneak peek at this in action .

Timed emoji reactions must be enabled for the option to appear for YouTube producers whose videos have been chosen for this experiment. This does not, however, ensure that you will have the choice when watching movies. We have observed the option in few videos, like this upload from The Sidemen or this upload from Phoenix SC . If the feature was first chosen by YouTube for this use, creators can disable it.

Please let us know in the comments section below whether you are seeing the timed emoji reaction on YouTube for Android or iOS.


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