These priceless Lord of the Rings mechanical keyboards are something you must have, something you want, and something you need. In partnership with Middle-Earth Enterprises, Drop has today unveiled two mechanical keyboards with the Lord of the Rings’ official license. Every keyboard is a limited edition and has a collection of unique designs. The Elvish keyboard is modeled after the Two Trees of Valinor, whereas the Dwarvish keyboard is inspired by the Doors of Durin. It has a ten-keyless design, and immediately above the arrow keys on the right side is stylized artwork that goes with the theme.

Each keyboard has a training keycap set with the conventional English alphabet in addition to bespoke keycap sets based on the Dwarvish and Elvish languages. Additionally, they have an anodized aluminum case and updated Holy Panda switches. All things considered, these are ideal for people who enjoy mechanical keyboards and also enjoy Lord of the Rings. However, these keyboards might not be durable. As with all Drop things, they typically don’t last forever.


Drop Lord Of The Rings Mechanical Keyboards 2
Drop Lord Of The Rings Mechanical Keyboards 1

Although the keyboards haven’t yet gone on sale, you may place a pre-order for them right now. Additionally, they provide pre-order pricing, which gives customers a small discount and lowers the price from $199.99 to $169.99 . Pricing for pre-orders is available till August 31. Therefore, you must buy the item within the following two weeks if you want to save a little money.

Advertisement While they won’t arrive in time for the premiere of the new The Rings Of Power TV series on Amazon Prime Video, the keyboards will begin shipping in early October and should arrive before the series is finished. Having said that, the show premieres on September 1 and concludes on October 14. So there’s a potential they might miss the first season’s airing.

These keyboards have a keycap puller and USB-C connectivity. Consequently, changing keycaps is simple. Furthermore, replacing keycaps without one of these tools can be a nuisance if you’ve ever tinkered with mechanical keyboards. White backlighting is also present on the keyboards. You may pre-order either or both of these keyboards from the buttons below if you’re interested in getting them.

Dwarvish Keyboard
Announcement Elvish Keyboard


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