Google began testing User Choice Billing earlier this year so that developers could use their own billing system in addition to Google’s. We now know that the business wants to grow this program owing to 9to5Google . There are additional markets where Google’s User Choice Billing is available.

Last year, Google made a decision that would anger many engineers. All apps on the Play Store were required to use Google’s payment system, according to the statement. The first warning was issued last year, and it was implemented early this year. The majority of apps already make use of this service, but several businesses, including Hulu and Amazon, objected to it.

Hulu stopped signing up new customers on its app, and Amazon moved users to a different page to complete transactions. However, some developers didn’t nearly have that privilege. Google’s way was the only option.

Advertisement But the business appears to have changed its mind about this action in response to criticism. Through its User Choice Billing service, Google is beginning to permit businesses to utilize their own billing systems.

THE GOOGLES USER CHOICE BILLING PROGRAM IS ACCESSING MORE MARKETS. Google now includes developers for non-gaming apps in its User Choice Billing, but this could change in the future. There are a few guidelines that developers must abide by in order to use their services, which is good news for developers.

THE LAWS To begin with, the creator must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Next, they must offer both their own payment system and Google’s payment system as options.

Advertisement Customers who use the system developed by the developers must receive customer service. The developer must also have a system in place to challenge unlawful transactions.

WHO ARE THE COUNTRIES INVOLVED? Google’s User Choice Billing has been in place for a while, but it is now being introduced in new markets. The European Economic Area, Japan, India, Australia, and Indonesia are now included in the program’s expansion. People in the US will sadly have to wait for this.

We anticipate this to reach even more markets in the future. We can only hope that well-known platforms will be able to reintroduce their platforms to the Play Store. Not everyone wants to visit a different website merely to purchase something or pay their subscription cost.


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