The mid-range Galaxy A series phones from Samsung have received appreciation from the tech community. A review of the Galaxy A53 5G by Android Headlines noted how great the phone was. The Galaxy A series now has a new, more cheap brother that was added by the manufacturer. Recently, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy A23 5G.

The Galaxy A series is superior than the S series phones in every way. They come with a variety of features, like outstanding displays, powerful CPUs, excellent speakers, sturdy construction, and others. They offer a pseudo-premium service at a reasonable cost.

AN AFFORDABLE PHONE WITH A FEW NICE SPECS IS THE GALAXY A23 5G The Galaxy A23 5G is on the less expensive end of the spectrum, as you can see. So, don’t expect to see many high-quality specifications. Although it won’t be one of Samsung’s OLED displays, the phone has a big 6.6-inch FHD display. Although it is an LCD display, the refresh rate is 120Hz.

Advertisement Unfortunately, Samsung omitted information on the RAM, but we do know that this phone is powered by the mid-range Snapdragon 695 SoC. Additionally, it will include 64GB of basic storage. What’s good is that Samsung provided this phone with up to 1TB of extendable storage.

When we turn to the back, we can see that the camera arrangement will consist of three cameras. The company did not disclose the specifications of the additional cameras, but the main shooter is a 50MP camera. We may anticipate both a macro and an ultrawide camera. The Galaxy A53 has the same configuration.

This phone will include a huge 5,000mAh battery to complete the specifications. You may anticipate the battery to last a while on a single charge as this phone, admittedly, won’t be a powerhouse.

Advertisement If you’re eager to purchase this phone, you may do so now from the Samsung store for $299.99. Additionally, the phone will be available through Samsung Experience stores all around the US. Last but not least, AT


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