Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 was its breakthrough foldable device last year, and it appears that the company is investing even more effort into its follow-up. A recent report states that customers will have more color options with the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

With its first release, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 offered a sizable selection of colors. The foldable came in Phanotom Black, green, lavender, and the off-white cream shade that was the subject of our assessment. On Samsung’s website, there were also special shades of grey, pink, and white.

But Samsung disclosed that the Flip 3 was receiving a Bespoke edition months after debut.
Samsung offers its home appliances and a few other things under the Bespoke brand, and the Flip 3 received a fun promotion with that model.

With the Bespoke Galaxy Z Flip 3 , you could mix and match the colors blue, yellow, pink, white, black, and two different frame options to create the style you desired. Additionally, there was a $100 premium over the regular color choices for the option. Due to the fact that it is custom produced, shipping also takes two to three weeks.

Soon after the Bespoke edition was introduced, Samsung revealed the most popular colors that customers were choosing in an interview:

The most popular choice is white on both sides with a silver frame. A black frame and pink on both sides are popular choices as well. However, the most popular option at the moment in the United States is the yellow and blue combo with a silver frame. We enjoy observing which variations grow in appeal across geographical boundaries and how consumers respond to various pairings. It confirms the primary reason we provide the Bespoke Edition.

FOR THE GALAXY Z FLIP 4, BESPOKE COLORS ARE RETURNING. Bespoke colors will return on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, claims SamMobile .

Samsung reportedly intends to broaden the offer this time around in addition to simply bringing back the previous color options and functionality. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will reportedly come in a lot more color variations than the current 49. Unfortunately, it is currently uncertain what new colors Samsung will introduce.

The Bespoke edition will also be made accessible in more nations. Currently, Samsung sells this limited edition in the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, the UK, and the US. The option will reportedly become available in more regions of Europe and Asia with the Flip 4.

Mid-August is when Samsung is anticipated to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The gadget will maintain its fundamental form factor while sporting an updated CPU, twice as much storage, and a considerably larger battery. Below, you can read more of our coverage of the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

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