When it comes to features or hardware, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t exactly doing anything revolutionary, and this review unquestionably confirms that viewpoint. If you use an Android mobile, it is still the greatest smartwatch you can purchase right now. Furthermore, the fact that the Galaxy Watch 5 isn’t evolving significantly isn’t unpleasant (and shouldn’t be).

Already a very strong series, the Galaxy Watch 4. Simply said, the Galaxy Watch 5 improves on its strengths. And that’s a positive thing in and of itself. Not that there aren’t any disadvantages. Samsung’s most recent technology is far from flawless. Even though I believe this to be the greatest smartwatch for the money (even better than Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro), there are still several places that could have used some more work.

In addition, certain situations ought to have been left alone. So to speak, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Despite this, the watch is still highly worthwhile to purchase.

Advertisement This year’s watch is available in several variations. Each of the two available sizes, 40mm and 44mm, is available in both Bluetooth and LTE variants. The 40mm Bluetooth variant will cost you $279.99, and the 44mm LTE model will cost you $359.99. Additionally, you have a few color options to choose from, including Gray, Silver, and Pink Gold in 40mm or Gray, Silver, and Blue in 44mm. Then, of course, you can choose from a variety of bands. Overall, you have choices.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 2

During my review, I discovered that the Galaxy Watch 5 is more comfortable than the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic from the previous year in terms of design and fit. This actually boils down to two factors. For improved skin contact, Samsung slightly bent the sensor on the bottom of the watch. This also makes it more curved to fit your wrist. it benefits both performance and comfort overall (the sensor having better contact means more accurate tracking data).

Of course, picking the correct band is also helpful. I utilized the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic band in the photographs for the review’s purposes. But I wore the D-Buckle sport band as the band when I wore the watch. which the Pro model includes. Samsung’s band is by far the most comfortable one they’ve ever produced. So, with that band and the curved sensor’s more comfortable fit, I discovered that wearing this watch all day never actually became uncomfortable.

Advertisement Even when I wore it all night to use the sleep tracking feature. Given that the watch is thicker than last year’s model, some people might not entirely agree with me on this. But in the grand scheme of things, I never felt this to be a problem or a bother.


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Samsung’s main claim is that the Galaxy Watch 5 can last up to 50 hours. And if that were completely accurate, that would be a very positive development. Except that it’s not, really. On a single charge, you can operate for about 50 hours. If you manage the battery, it is doable. Additionally, managing the battery is unquestionably achievable. more so if you’re accustomed to it. You must have in mind, however, that your battery life experiences may differ from mine and from those of everyone else. Samsung’s testing is included.

I was able to get the Galaxy Watch 5 to last for roughly a day and a half throughout the review. That is with Always-on Display disabled and the brightness set to approximately 50% for the majority of the day.

Advertisement Just be aware that if you like an always-on display, your battery life will suffer. Even more so if you use features like GPS and daily activity tracking while having it enabled. Compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, the battery life is a tad longer. Do I wish Samsung had made more of an effort to improve this situation? Yes. Because in that case, the Galaxy Watch 5 would have been a ridiculously amazing value.

But as I mentioned in our review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, if you really want the greater battery life, get the Pro model. I continue to believe that the Galaxy Watch 5 is the better choice for the majority of folks. since it is more inexpensive and essentially has all the features of the Pro, with the exception of GPX routes. But if you require or desire a longer battery life without having to manage it as much, you’ll just have to swallow your pride and purchase the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

I also wanted to point out that the watch charges up very quickly, despite the fact that the battery life could be better. In essence, you could just leave it on the charger while you take a morning shower and have breakfast. That should be enough time to fully charge the device.


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Another issue that really didn’t need to be improved is this. The Galaxy Watch 5’s design isn’t significantly different from the Galaxy Watch 4’s. And that’s fine because the Galaxy Watch 4’s watch design was already good. You hardly see the difference between the two models, other than the slightly thicker case and several color options.

In fact, I’m delighted Samsung left its design largely alone. At the very least, not in any obvious ways. I do wish Samsung had left one aspect of the design alone, though. And that is the bezel that rotates. I am aware that the Galaxy Watch 5 is the Galaxy Watch 4’s replacement, not the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Additionally, the rotating bezel was absent from the Galaxy Watch 4.

However, I do wish Samsung had kept the rotating bezel rather than just eliminating it for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. And that is about the only issue I have with the watch’s design in any version.

Advertisement The rest is excellent. The sapphire crystal display is better protected against scratches, the design is attractive, and the buttons are simple to press and have nice tactile response. Basically, I have no serious problems.


With the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Wear OS 3 worked flawlessly. helping the OS’s performance and, in consequence, the devices’ battery life. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 offers an even better user experience because it ships with One UI Watch 4.5. One UI Watch 4’s user interface is largely present here. However, there are some minor adjustments that greatly improve the performance and make it feel snappier than before.

The advancements really stop there, though. And that’s just a fact; it’s not necessarily a terrible thing. The Wear OS 3 on the Galaxy Watch 4 (without the One UI Watch 4.5 beta) and the Wear OS 3 on the Galaxy Watch 5 don’t differ all that much from one another. And primarily results from the very minor improvement in performance. Which, while still positive, hasn’t changed much.

Advertisement The apps worked well too. The process of installation was really simple, and applications like Spotify, Google Assistant, and Google Wallet continued to function perfectly. Since Google apps like Wallet and Assistant functioned right out of the box, it might even be better.

Overall, my experience with the Galaxy Watch 5 for this review highlights how effective Wear OS is in this situation. And since Samsung is still the only company selling a cheap Wear OS 3 device, this is good news for the company.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 4


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 4


Advertisement The device compatibility is the only flaw in the hardware and software features. A new skin temperature sensor has been installed by Samsung, however it is not yet operational. It is therefore of no use to anyone at this time. Once an update that turns it on is released, I anticipate that will change. And when it happens, I can’t wait to check it out.

The Galaxy Watch 5 has blood oxygen saturation detection, an ECG sensor, and a few more health tracking functions in addition to the skin temperature sensor. But some of those still need a Samsung Galaxy phone to operate. Making it quite apparent that this is a Samsung-first watch, not an Android-first watch, even though it is compatible with non-Samsung devices.

You’ll need a Galaxy phone to access the ECG feature and some of the other more sophisticated health tracking capabilities. Since I had the watch connected to the ROG Phone 6 Pro the entire time, I felt a little let down by this. Additionally, I was unable to use several of the health tracking functions because I don’t own a Galaxy phone. Although a little finicky, blood oxygen saturation sensing appeared to function perfectly. I found it strange that the software wanted you to wear the watch higher up on your wrist.

I was able to use the sleep tracking feature, but you need to wear the watch to bed for about a week in order to gain any worthwhile information. And that’s great if you don’t forget to turn it back on occasionally, as I did. Though, when I finally remembered, the data seemed to be more precise than previously. Additionally, I experienced no discomfort while wearing it to bed.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 4


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Review 4


In practically every situation, I’m going to strongly advise that you purchase this smartwatch if you’re in the market for a smartwatch in the first place and want the best Android-compatible model available. And like I said earlier, for the majority of users, I still suggest this model over the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The 40mm Bluetooth variant will cost you almost $200 less than the Bluetooth model of the Pro, for these reasons.

The GPX routes, the somewhat more robust sapphire glass, and the longer battery life are also the sole modifications. Other aspects are identical. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay at least $450 but still want the greatest Android wristwatch experience, purchase this watch.

Spend the extra money for the Pro if you do want a battery life that lasts at least two days. Thoughts to bear in mind also include: Charge time for the Galaxy Watch 5 is quite quick. The Pro model also does. Therefore, you may easily choose the less expensive version of the watch and simply charge it when you wake up in the morning if you aren’t against controlling battery life a little. If the watch isn’t completely depleted to 0%, 30-45 minutes should be more than enough time to charge it fully.

Overall, this is the best smartwatch experience available to Android users right now. If you’re coming from the Galaxy Watch 4 series, I don’t necessarily think the watch is worth the upgrade. You’ll be pleased with the upgrade, though, if your watch isn’t a Samsung or is an older model of Galaxy Watch.

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