People who use later Google Pixel devices have eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Game Dashboard on their phones. But according to a recent article, it appears like the wait will soon be over. Android 13 will finally bring Game Dashboard to the Pixel 6 and 6a.

With Android 12, the Game Dashboard was originally launched, but it was a pain in the neck to activate. To activate the feature, you had to access your notification settings and select the Schedule option under the Do Not Disturb options.

Therefore, the GMS Game Dashboard is a feature of Android 13
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Mishaal Rahman, July 28, 2022 (@MishaalRahman)

Advertisement However, according to a claim from Mishaal Rahman, Android 13 will make it much simpler to use this feature. Simply navigate to your settings and select the Google settings page. You ought to be able to view the Game Dashboard section there, immediately after Find My Device.

Please be aware that this feature is currently being released. You’ll have to wait for the update if you’re running Android 13 beta on a Pixel 6, 6 Pro, or 6a. An update to the system won’t bring it. Instead, you’ll notice a Google Play Services update. People who are utilizing Google Play Services v22.30 can use this functionality.

WHO ARE THE USERS OF ANDROID 13 AND WHY SHOULD THEY LIKE GAME DASHBOARD? If you’re a Pixel user who enjoys gaming and are unaware of this feature, it’s a helpful tool. When you play games, this Pixel-only function will actually produce an overlay. You’ll have access to practical tools through the overlay that will enhance your gaming.

Advertisement For better gameplay, the processor performance will be increased, and the battery will be optimized for energy efficiency. The dashboard will also suppress alerts so that you won’t be interrupted when playing games. You can easily record video of what you’re playing if you want to. There is a shortcut to start screen recording.


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