In place of its previous subscription program, PlayStation Plus was completely redesigned and introduced by Sony in June. A loyalty and rewards program called PlayStation Stars was unveiled a month later by the video game behemoth. Naturally, you’re undoubtedly perplexed about how the two services differ from one another. Don’t worry; we’re here to illustrate the advantages of each so you can choose wisely before enrolling in either one.

WHY DID THE OLD PS PLUS AND PS NOW DIE? PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now were the two membership services Sony offered prior to the launch of the new PlayStation Plus. Three free games each month, online multiplayer, and special discounts were all features of the original PlayStation Plus. On the other side, PlayStation Now allows you to stream hundreds of classic Sony games to your PC, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5. The two services are successfully combined and updated into the new PlayStation Plus.


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Because it is a free rewards and loyalty program, PlayStation Stars is different from PlayStation Plus. With it, you can gain loyalty points or trophies for completing in-game objectives or playing particular games. You can exchange loyalty points for money in your PlayStation Network wallet. Later this year, Sony will roll out PlayStation Stars in phases.

WHAT DOES PLAYSTATION STARS INCLUDE? Here’s what we know so far about the initiative despite Sony’s somewhat evasive responses. Cost: Free


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the following features:
Receive incentives that can be converted into PlayStation Network wallet credits.
rewards you for participating in at least one game during a monthly check-in promotion.
Play a certain game online to get specialized rewards, or enter competitions to win particular trophies.

By completing all in-game achievements, you can win special prizes. If you are the first person to complete it in your local time zone, you will receive a special gift that nobody else will receive.

digital memorabilia. These are 3D-rendered prizes based on Sony hardware from the past and video game characters. Some will be extremely rare and challenging to get. Despite the fact that they may sound like NFTs, they are not. These rare PlayStation Stars digital collectibles are all that they are.

DO YOU REQUIRE PLAYSTATION STARS AND PLUS? Can PlayStation Plus Premium beat Xbox Game Pass?

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. You can see that the two services are essentially distinct concepts now that you are aware of their differences. Your choice between the two is rather simple if you’re attempting to decide. PS Stars is totally free!

But if you’re considering signing up for PlayStation Plus, it might all come down to this: Do you want to play games online? If so, you need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Even if you don’t want to play online, you might still want to join one of the service’s more recent tiers if you want to enjoy older games.

Please be aware that you will accrue more PlayStation Store points if you sign up for both services. Take advantage of everything the new PlayStation Plus has to offer for the time being while more information regarding PlayStation Stars becomes available.

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